Dear Vienda
For half a year I have been reading your blog and really find your posts insightful and helpful. I know you are busy, but I was wondering if you could answer a quick question. I have been so emotionally invested in this, and am searching for an outside opinion. At this point it is difficult to know what my heart is saying, what my ego is saying.
How do you know when you should stop pursuing a certain dream/career? Particularly one that seems “impossible” or “unrealistic”.
Very Confused

Dear Very Confused,
Thank you for your sweet note. I’ve got lots of delicious things on my plate, so I’ll keep it short.
Start journaling. It’s the fastest way that you’ll get clarity on your own truth. And check in with your core values. I show you how, here.
1. Get clear on your WHY you’ve chosen this dream/career. Find out what your deepest whys are, which will guide you to where your motivation stems from. Is it from your heart? Or is it from your ego?
2. Look deep within and find out if there’s some resistance that’s keeping your from truly going for it and achieving your dreams. Sometimes we self-sabotage because we don’t believe we truly deserve the things you want. Ask yourself questions and write out your answers. Things will get clear.
3. It’s important to always move with the flow. Maybe the universe has greater plans for you. Where is your excitement, inspiration and joy pointing you? What lights you up? Do that. Follow your bliss.
Write and write and write out the answers to these questions in your journal until you feel yourself baring your soul. The answers to your questions are already within you.
Love always + forever,

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