I am a very experimental person.

I like to experiment with my body, my thoughts, my perceptions and my environment in many different ways to come to understand and know myself better. To understand where the boundaries of possibility lie and what is real and what is not. What works for me and what doesn’t. I can read and learn all I want but to really find out what’s right for me I need to experience and experiment.

So one of the experiments I like to play with from time to time is detoxing.

It’s winter here in Sydney and we have just arrived at a cold front of 5 to 12 degrees Celsius (you may be laughing but trust me, it’s freezing!! Australia doesn’t have central heating because everyone pretends that it lives in an endless limbo of summer). And my body recently told me that it’s time to clean up and out again. The last two months I have been eating and drinking more than I normally do, and I can fell that I’m not as squeaky clean inside as I like to be.

Here’s a really good article explaining why detoxing form time to time is good for your body and soul.

So here’s my plan:

Starting today I am eating all raw for the next 3 – 4 days. I usually eat at least 50% – 60% raw anyway, so this isn’t too much of a jump for me, but can be challenging nonetheless as some detoxification effects may be experienced as my body sheds any toxicity that has built up over the past couple of months. This could include headaches or other body aches, tiredness and a general blah feeling as the toxins are eliminated. Of course increasing my water intake is extremely important at this time as well to help your body flush everything out. I generally have about 1 – 2 coffees per week so this habit will also have to go and be replaced by herbal teas. Additionally I will be taking Motion Potion in the evenings.

Then I am going to fast for 3 – 4 days. I have done this a couple of time before however this time it’s going to be a little bit different… I have some Noni juice in the fridge from my trip to Fiji last year and want to incorporate this into my detox. I have read lots of studies and they either support or condemn this strange fruit juice so I am going to find out for myself. All I know so far is it tastes pretty horrible and really shouldn’t be considered a fruit! Additionally I will still be drinking some (maybe half a cup, just enough to make the vitamins or herbs go down) organic orange juice in the morning to take my Collagen and in the evening to take Motion Potion. I’m also planning to incorporate some fresh juices into my fast: either a carrot, celery and beetroot juice or a kale, lemon, parsley & apple juice depending on my mood! And of course lots and lots of water (at least 2 litres per day).

This will reset my body for a fresh new start.

As part of this series, as well as updating you on how I’m coming a long with my own personal detox, I will share with you a few other experimental detox processes I have undertaken:

1. A mental detox known as Vipassana Meditation in which I DIDN’T SPEAK FOR 10 DAYS!

2. The Sanctuary Cove 7 day colonic detox fast (and why it made my sister cry).

3. Detoxing from the WWW Wonderful World of the WEB & Social Media.

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