Devoted to self. (Aka: my 3 spiritual practices)
It was 2.37 pm on Sunday afternoon — I was bouncing around in the centre of the dusty dancefloor — when I realized just how far my spiritual practices had catapulted me over the past few years. It seemed to me that music festivals had become a marker of my growth. I hadn’t been to one, not one like this at least, in 4 years. Mostly, because my love at the time wasn’t interested in the same kind of music as me, partly because I wanted to step away and see how it feels, for a little while.
As I stepped, and pranced and peacocked around I became aware of this tender intimacy that I feel with the world, nature and people. What compelled me the most that, in the middle of a busy dancefloor, I felt completely present. There was nothing between me and all that is. And I realised that this reaching for the present moment had become an innate habit in my everyday life. Moment-to-moment I was constantly bringing myself back into the present.
It feels like an embodied sense of belonging, right here, right now. Where nothing else matters.
Shortly after this realisation, a new friend turned to me and told me that she really admired and appreciated “the way you just be”. I told her that was the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me. That it’s my biggest aim in life to “be”. We hugged. There’s a sweet softening when people see you exactly as you are instead of being veiled by an invisible field of projections and superficial pretences.
Since I am speaking about my spiritual evolution at the Goddess Nights even in London this Monday, I thought I’d share some of my practices. And if you’re in London, I’d love to see you there! Tickets and info are here.
— Every morning, as I awake, I tune into my own vibrational field to find out where I’m at. My aim is to live my life guided by the intelligence of my body over the constructs of my mind and the only way I know to do that is to intimately feel and listen into myself. Different days call for different approaches to life. I honour the requirements that my unique vibrational essence of that day asks for by giving it what it needs. This means that some days I wake up full of energy and enthusiasm to do all the things, whereas other require a gentle entrance into the world and demands of life. I teach how I do that in my course IntuiMethod.
— I disregard morning routines in favour of devotion to self. While I understand the notion of starting your day in the right mindset, having a rigid routine can become just another thing to tick off, and encourages complacency. I am not the same every day. My needs are not the same every day. Instead of being devoted to a way of doing things and am devoted to a way of being: in service to my entire self.
— I meditate, and I use meditation as a bridge to accessing more presence. I’ve been reading a wonderful book called Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself which is all about epigenetics and how we can reprogram ourselves. In it, the author explains that the more you meditate, the more the meditative state becomes your normal state. I meditate once or twice a day, and I also mindfully bring the meditative state into daily practices. Listening to someone speak, washing the dishes, walking, dancing, and more has all become a meditation for me.

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