Have you ever wondered whether that strong thought or belief that has crossed in the hemisphere between your brows and your crown are real?
Sometimes to have the insight of real TRUTH can be a challenging thing as the mind chatter is noisy and makes it hard to distinguish between the clarity of intuition and fear based thoughts.
Let’s distinguish the elements of experience like this:
Fear = contraction, negative thoughts, anxiety, worry, ego, disconnection from Life + the present moment.
Intuition = expansion, peace, love, consciousness, connection, presence.
And here’s the magic:
The difference between intuition and mind is that an intuitive thought holds no attachment to the outcome.
Intuition, which is your connection to Source, Soul + Spirit is like life; fluid and free.
Fear, which is your connection to Ego, Pain + Suffering are solid, inflexible and blocking.
Transparent. Astonishing. Truth.

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