Do you know what you want?
What you crave for?
What you truly dream of?

Understanding your own DESIRES is the cornerstone of achieving the success that you dream of.
Often people spend most of their time focusingon WHAT THEY DON’T WANT thinking that this is how they will access what they do want, but when you ask them what it is that they actually want, you get a shoulder shrug, a “I’m not sure” or a list of what they don’t want.
What you focus on you bring about.
The things, situations and people that you don’t want in your life are there to guide you closer to WHAT YOU DO WANT.
Get clear on what you do want.
It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be stated. Find out what you don’t want, take those elements out of the equation and you are left with options that you do want.
For example, when someone says (as so many people do) “I hate my job!” what specifically is it that you dislike? And more importantly, what is it that you actually want?
Recently a coaching client of mine realised that he didn’t actually hate his job. He enjoyed spending time with the people he worked with but disliked the monotony of his tasks and the rigid office hours he had to keep. So we started discussing different ways he could keep working with the people in his company but on his own terms. He started focusing in what it was that he did actually want instead of what he disliked. Finally after a few weeks, miraculously the company decided they needed someone to take on a similar role to his, however weren’t sure if they wanted to hire someone on a long-term basis.
This client jumped at the opportunity that had presented itself and offered the company a solution. He wanted to work for them on a freelance basis, opening up his time and taking the monotony out of his daily working life whilst they could fill his previous role by one of the junior up and coming employees whom he would help train in the handing over period. My client’s employees were thrilled with the idea as it solved their staffing issues and gave them a sense of trust as their business remained with someone who knew it well.
He is now very happily freelancing for his previous company three days per week as well as taking up new clients on a regular basis, is meeting lots of new people, has more free time and is making more money than he ever has before.
How did he do this? Once he figured out what he really wanted he started focusing on that instead of what he didn’t want and the world made way for his dreams to become a reality.
Understand your desires, know what you want and why you want it. Think about how wonderful it is to enjoy experiencing your dreams being fulfilled and make the space for this to come into your life. It’s there, waiting for you.

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