This time last week I was leaning over my laptop churning over this article that I wanted to write about emotional blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs that hold us back from living the full potential and possibilities of our lives. It’s a topic I am particularly influenced by.
I grew up thinking that life was a sequence of circumstances that I had to react to as my parents had done, and those before them. It wasn’t until I was halfway through my psychology degree that I realised that my life experience was a result of pre-programmed patterns, blocks and beliefs in my mind. When I discovered that, I recognised that I have a choice on how my life unfolds. We all do.
I started pouring these striking realisations from my heart out onto these pages, intending to turn it into a blog post. I wrote and wrote and wrote and surprised myself on how much I had to say. 3,000 words later, I realised I wasn’t even close to half-way…
That night I fell asleep and woke again in the dark cold night before dawn with a really strong message: I had to finish writing everything I knew about this topic to share and then turn it into an online class.
I spent the entire weekend deep in creative trenches, writing 10,000 words, filming, creating and making, until today…
TODAY: Sovereign was born!
I am excited to say (actually bursting at my seams with joy!) that in 9 days time I will be teaching a brand new online class called Sovereign.
The premise is that one of the beautiful things about being human is that you are not made of stone. Cycles are breakable. Reality is moldable. Habits can be re-set & strengthened. And this class will teach you how!
REGISTRATION OPENS: Wednesday 22 November 2017
START DATE: Friday 1 December 2017
DELIVERY: 6-part video series
To learn more about Sovereign and sign up, go here:

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