1. I want to…
I want to live in a world where inspired, passionate women are embodying their individual nature. Not just embodying it. Embracing it. Celebrating it!
It’s a world where natural beauty is celebrated, bohemian philosophies + eccentricities are favored, every day is an adventure, creative pursuits are reveled, freedom is of the highest value, truth is spoken wildly and bravely, + love is shouted from the rooftops.
2. I am so…
I am so very weary of people not following their dreams, their hearts’ desires and their intuition, because they have become too disconnected from their own source of wisdom. Because they’ve forgotten how.
I’m weary of hearing “I can’t”, “I’m afraid” + “I don’t deserve…”. Because you know what baby? Yes, you can. And yes. You. Do.
3. I want you…
I want you to have my vision of you. I want you to see yourself from my point of view. Because all I can see is infinite, powerful potential in action. I see beauty. I see magnificence. I see a woman who does have it all. You just need to see it too.
I want you to see that you can: travel the world, be financially independent, enjoy a life full of abundance, explore your desires, connect with your Spirit, act upon your dreams, listen to your intuition, create a successful career, fulfill your destiny, + fall in love with yourself.
+ your life.
4. So, I created…
So, I created a striking coaching program called Gypset Mindset (oh yeah!). Which is all about discovering + exploring your own unique nature, + releasing any conditioning that is holding you back from embodying the greatness of who you are.
It’s about taking those dreams, desires and inkling of your intuition + translating them into real, tangible, actionable steps that fast track you onto your personal path. To who you truly are + your unique soul purpose.
It’s about taking charge of your destiny by stepping into it fully. And there’s fun, + tears, + presents, + laughter.
5. + the twist.
+ the twist is; that this used to be a strictly 6 month program. But I’ve discovered, by listening closely, that for some of you, 6 months is too long. + too much of a commitment right now. + that you want to take it step by step.
So, I’ve mixed it up a bit.
+ now I’m offering a 3 month + 6 week coaching program as well. Discover more HERE. + HERE.
6. Right now, I want you to…
Right now, I want you to claim your spot in my (rapidly filling-up) Gypset Mindset coaching program. Choose whichever time frame works best for you:

  • 6 weeks = 3 delightful sessions to get you moving.
  • 3 months = 6 hot conversations to get you off your mark.
  • 6 months = 12 delightful calls that will take you all the way.

7. It all begins…
It all begins NOW. Right now. Now is the best time. See you online soon!
8. Because 8 is my favourite number. + it is infinite.
With infinite love,

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