EFT Emotional Freedom Technique:
Tapping or EFT is a powerful and super-easy method to transform your life. This is a wonderful way to deal with negative emotions and release habits and thoughts that aren’t supporting you:
Tune in to your problem or use EFT when the thought arises to your mind.
Set Up:
With four fingers tap on the side of your hand below your pinky finger.
“Even though ……. (emotion i.e. I am afraid of change) I deeply love and accept myself.”
“Even though …….. I deeply love and forgive myself.”
“Even though …….. I deeply love and accept myself.”
The talk yourself through it or just name the thing you want to change whilst tapping:
1.          With all fingers on top of the head.
2.          Between the eyes along / above the brow.
3.          Next to the eyes / temple area.
4.          Under the eyes where the cheeks start.
5.          With two fingers under the nose.
6.          Under the mouth.
7.          With all fingers on or just under the collarbone.
8.          Right under the breasts.
9.          On the sides where the bra strap lies.
10.     Then tap the wrists together.
Feel how your energy feels, perhaps repeat a few times until you feel something change within you.
Can do this for absolutely anything!

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