To all of my sweet little earth-angels, scattered across every corner of this globe, I bow to you. It’s week 8 of The Empowerment Project, we are two months in, with one month left to go, and you have all come so far! Thank you so much for teaching me something wonderful every single day.
This week’s topic is on emotions. One thing that I wanted to mention in the video below but didn’t because I happen to have a lot to say about emotions was that, the reason why we need to acknowledge and be aware of our emotions is to learn form them and then release them. This is why lots of people have health buy ambien issues and carry aches and pains in their bodies. Those pains and issues are actually unresolved emotions that are sitting in their body waiting to be acknowledged and released.
A really great way to heal yourself, is to scan you body and when you feel some pain, sit with it and ask it what circumstances, situations and experiences that pain is related to. Don’t worry it will tell you! It can’t wait to finally have your attention, that’s what it has been calling out for!
Then, as you re-experience the source of the pain, allow the emotions around that situation to arise. Become aware of them, sit with them and then allow them to transform by forgiving yourself and anyone else involved and choosing to let go. Sometimes, if it’s a deep or heavy pain, you may have to do this several times. This is where Tapping a.k.a Emotional Freedom Technique is really helpful. If you haven’t heard of EFT or Tapping before, google it. And if you like me to do a video demonstration of how it works and what to do, let me know!
This week, I’d really like you to become softer, kinder and more vulnerable with yourself by allowing yourself to feel your emotions, without judging them, whatever they are. I know this may feel really yucky for many of you, but just imagine that there is a whole mixed up body full of unreleased emotions right now, all grappling for your love and attention. Now that you are willing to acknowledge and heal them, they all want to be seen to first, instead of forming an orderly emotional line, waiting for your inspection. What I do in this case, is work my way through, either chronologically or work on what I feel is most pertinent to my life in this moment, first.
So much love to you sweet, sweet honey bees!
Vienda xx

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