Last week in my Empowerment Detox post I mentioned that I did a detox bath every night which I was going to share with you.
It’s very simple and oh so effective! Even though I’m not detoxing anymore I’m going to take one tonight because I really want the relaxation it brings and those moments of self love, reflection and peace. This will be one of the many magical moments included in The Empowerment Detox guide that I am working on for you!
The Empowerment Detox Bath
☮ 1 Cup of Epsom Salts
☮ 1 Cup Baking Soda
☮ 1 Cup Sea Salt
☮ 1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
☮ 5 to 10 thin slices Fresh Ginger
☮ 10 Drops of your favorite Essential Oil. {I use DREAMS by Endota Spa.}
Make the magic:
Draw a warm bath, as hot as you can manage and pour in all the magical ingredients while the water is running so they get all mixed up and melted before you step into their soothing embrace.
♡ Epsom Salts draw out the toxins from the body and relive aches and pains.
♡ Baking Soda balances acidity and ph levels as well as energizing, refreshing and softening the skin.
♡ Sea Salt soothes, and heals open pores and blemishes.
♡ Ginger increases circulation.
♡ Vinegar soothes and softens the skin as well as drawing out toxins.
♡ Essential oils calm and relax, as well as leaving you smelling like the goddess you are!
Wrap it up:
After your bath wrap up nice and warm in breathable, cotton fabric and climb straight into your comfy bed. You may notice that you are sweating for some time after the bath. This is normal and is simply the toxins continuing to come our of your body, through your skin. It’s really good because it means that the bath worked. Normally, you’ll fall asleep quite quickly and wake up feeling more refreshed, energized and full of joy then ever!
Enjoy! x

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