Hello gorgeous,
It’s official! The Empowerment Project coaching program goes live in 5 days, on Monday the 11th of March, commencing with the new moon, inviting in the feminine, healing and the start of a new way of life and perception. In case you missed it, I opened up invitations for this incredible program here and then made a short video introducing the program and myself to you here.
70 excited, wonderful and inspired women have already signed up for this free, 12 week program where we are going to explore what it is that makes us tick, how we can make the best out of our selves in order to ultimately fulfill our destinies and desires.
36 of you have already engaged in The Empowerment Project Facebook group page, if you haven’t already, join us there by clicking on this link here, and introduce yourself. I don’t want you to miss out on any part of this very special experience that we are sharing together.
We are going to spend 12 incredible and empowering weeks together, each week working through certain areas in our lives that may be holding us back from moving in the direction of your heart, dreams and purpose.
The Empowerment Project is going to help you clear the pathways towards your goals and make your life feel more focused. You will have a greater understand of who you are, what has been holding you back and how to unblock any areas in your life that aren’t working for you. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be fascinating and we are going to go places we’ve never been before!
Those of you who have signed up already, will be receiving an email with the introduction and week by week schedule as well as outline in your inboxes this Friday, to prepare you for our start on Monday the 11th of March. If you haven’t registered for The Empowerment Project yet, and you feel deeply drawn to this free 12 week program and feel you could benefit from it then click on this link here and sign up.
I’m so excited to get started and looking forward to speaking with you all in the Facebook group page from next week on! Also, keep an eye out for the videos as they become live each week, covering and discussing each topic as we pass through the program. Don’t worry, I’ll be letting you know when they go live!
Vienda x
P.S. Last week I also mentioned that I have created a very special one to one coaching package to compliment The Empowerment Project which has limited availability for only 10 women who are truly committed to empowering themselves. This is an opportunity to have a personalized and interactive guide throughout the entire program where you work with me on an individual basis every week. If this is something that you could really benefit from find out more by clicking here.
Image by Sian Richardson.

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