When I was a child, I used to lie in bed and squeeze my eyes shut tight, and try to conjure the things that I wanted into existence, by mentally willing them to be so. I’d think and think and imagine and imagine exactly what I wanted and when and how. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.
After a while, and several (big) disappointments, my belief in imagining things into existence faded away. I kept being encouraged to be more realistic, level-headed and only believe in the tangible things that I could see and know. Life lost part of its enchantment and started to feel like incredibly hard work and a constant struggle. Against what, I did not know. There seemed to be unseen elements at play that I had absolutely no control over. I started to feel lost and directionless.
And so, I followed the path that I was “supposed” to take, instead of carving my own. I spent many years comparing myself to other people: that super-pretty girl; my successful friend who seemed to have it all “figured out” and other people who confidently appeared to be living a life filled with excitement, opportunities, adventures, careers and love-affairs. I tried to “get” all the things that they were “getting” by doing all the right things that I was told to do: please others; don’t believe in magic; be practical. It rarely worked and I was certain that I must have missed out on a memo along the way. On multiple occasions, I literally burst into tears of frustration.
Then, one day, I met a curious man named Jason. He was short and stocky and had a crooked face and I was completely mesmerized by him. He seemed to have some kind of strange, fascinating allure, despite his unfortunate appearance. I started to fall in love with him.
He taught me the secret behind his unusual charm: every day he chose to view the world exactly as he wanted it to be, regardless of whether that was “reality” or not.
Leading by example, never with words, Jason taught me how to feel “energy”, how to create “mojo” to redirect events and circumstances and make “magic” by perceiving the world in very specific ways. Essentially, what it took was knowing with absolute clarity what you wanted to experience and have, and then aligning yourself and your energy with that thing, whilst also communicating it to an unseen force that seems to be the creator of everything. We called it: the universe.
It wasn’t until years later when I read Ask And It Is Given that I realised what he had taught me was a way to co-create your life with the universe known as manifesting.
Manifesting really only has two simple steps: 1. Ask. 2. Receive.
If it really is that simple, you’d think everyone was doing it. And the truth is: it is that simple, and everyone is doing it. But not everyone is doing it with awareness and consciousness.
Most people know with absolute clarity what they don’t want, and keep aligning to the things they don’t want by focusing on them, and keep praying for the things they don’t want to stop. Result: they keep manifesting experiences and things that they don’t want. How frustrating!
I know this for certain, because that’s exactly what I did for a long time.
Over time I’ve uncovered the funny little “human” things that we do, that get in the way and block our manifestations. That two-step process of “ask” and “receive” has turned into a 6 step formula that I use in every area of my life: money, love, travel, accommodations or houses, work, creative pursuits and opportunities and my health.
On Monday 10 April, my popular 8 week course Manifest More, opens its doors again, where I teach this 6 step formula in detail through an 8 week interactive digital learning program for unconventional folk who want to create a life filled with meaning, abundance, adventures, love and opportunities. This time the videos and worksheets are completely new, and never-seen-before. It’s had a radical upgrade.

Getting your life on the right track requires clarity, vision and an understanding how it all works: when to ask for what you want, how to get it, what needs to be done to fulfil even your biggest dream and desires, and knowing what is your part of the job, and what you need to leave up to the universe. Without that kind of understanding and knowledge taking responsibility for your life and truly creating it on your own terms can feel impossible and overwhelming.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be revealing more and more about Manifest More, and about the elusive manifesting process, making a whole lot more fun and easier (as it should be). Doors open to Manifest More on Monday 27 March (with the next New Moon).
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