Do you remember this post’s title as a lyric from Alanis Morrisette’s All I Really Want track from the album Jagged Little Pill released in the mid 90’s? That entire album soundtracked my teenage angst at 14 and 15. Embarrassing to admit now but also very true. You can hear it here if you crave a little journey down memory lane.
So, to give you a deeper look into my life as well as musical journey I want to share something with you. One of my best friends in the world forwarded the following video onto me in which I briefly feature at about 31.37 minutes. This is a glimpse into what was my entire life and world for about 5 years from the ages of 21 to 26. I travelled the world working, dancing and playing my way through myriads of psychedelic trance festivals. Often people ask me what I call home, and to be honest I think the only time I have really felt at home, like this is completely and totally where I belong is at these festivals. It’s where my heart and mind are set free. It’s where I find my people, my tribe.
This little film is about an hour long so I suggest you go get a drink, settle into a lovely comfortable chair and join me in watching this psychedelic peep into what was once an enormous part of my life. Smile and giggle at my friends and gasp with wonder that so many hippies manage to organise something quite so spectacular!
(Love it when they say “love is the message of salvation for mankind“. I’m always harping on about that!)
[vimeo][/vimeo] Thank you for sharing this journey with me! xox
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