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everything I know about fully owning my own power

How powerful is it to know that you are the creator of your own life? It’s pretty profound when that fully lands.


Your intuitive ability to manifest your physical reality is based on your energetic sensitivity and intelligence. Everything that happens in the world is founded on the electromagnetic operating system. We are a part of it too, even though it is not something we can make sense of with our logic. This way of operating is subtle and beyond the basics of the physical realm. Yet we do it, every day.


One of the biggest transformations that happened in my life was when I realised I could consciously choose the perspective or “filter” through which I view the world. Not only did my tangible reality change, but my face and body even changed. One perception is overly critical, judgmental, separate from, and playing offence to the world as we experience it. Another perspective is appreciative, compassionate, inclusive of and acting as if this is all part of a master plan.


I started to pay attention to the innate ways that I interacted with the energetics, our electromagnetic operating system and came to develop a 6-step manifesting framework. Everything I have done, created, achieved, experienced and moved through is based on this system. So many people wanted to know how it was that I travelled so much, created and found such impressive and enriching opportunities, had the relationships I had and uncovered the courage to live the way I do.


Manifest More

So I developed a course, a 6-week program called Manifest More, in 2015. Since then, 1000’s people have taken the program and gone on to create their own impressive list of self-actualising achievements.

The 2nd step of the 6-step Manifest More system is to “clear the blocks”. So many people teach you how to manifest things but what you actually need to know is how to get out of your own way so that the things that are already coming for you, and meant for you can land. 99% of the time it’s not about getting more but rather making space for the more that you desire to land. 



So I created another course, a 1-hour training on how to clear your blocks in a few minutes called Sovereign. Because we don’t need to lose ourselves in spiritual bypassing and millisecond-comforting spiritual soundbites anymore. Just saying the words, speaking the language, but nothing actually changes in how we feel or the results we experience in our lives. We are so tired of the fluff and BS. In Sovereign, we get super grounded and move through a practice that teaches you HOW to go beyond your own limitations.

Most people want to manifest: money, love, career, health, travel and lifestyle opportunities. We cover every single one of those in detail in Manifest More. But after a few years, I noticed that the ONE area women tended to get stuck in the most, was MONEY.



So I created Affluent, a 13-part guided audio journey into the darkest dread of scarcity, your shadows of not having enough and the central nervous system fears of survival. To show you how good life can be when you face those parts of yourself and finally allow the wealth that already exists all around us, in. It’s a course that I go back to myself from time to time as I peel the layers of conditioning away so I can open myself up to limitless abundance and wealth. 


You see, our brains are like very clever detectives. We have beliefs conditioned into them through our upbringing and by observation of repetitive behaviours in our environment. And so our brains are always seeking evidence to support those beliefs and perspectives. So, if you feel like you lack something, or that you are undeserving of something it will go on a hunt to prove you right. 


But awareness breaks the cycle.

The Manifesting Bundle had been created to help you rewire all of that


It’s not just about wanting things but understanding the psychology behind WHY you want them and how it all just leads you towards how you want to FEEL. Because as human beings, we are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature. This is a GOOD thing! It’s our inner compass that keeps us moving towards our own fulfilment and satisfaction. It’s not greedy or self-centred. We have been constructed this way by design.


With awareness, you get to intentionally and consciously choose the perspective with which you view the world. And that perspective then is supported by the energetics of our electromagnetic operating system, resulting in real-life physical things that you can enjoy and submerge yourself in. Because, in my opinion, that’s what this human adventure is all about. To fully engage our senses in the delights of our physical experience.


The Manifesting Bundle is these 3 popular programs and courses bundled together into one accessible unit as interconnected elements of the larger whole to what it means to truly own your own power. 




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