Everything I know about manifesting, that I've shared on my blog, to date.
Today I received a pretty funny (and slightly insistent) email from a friend of mine:
She wrote:
“Hi beautiful! I really loved doing your Free 7 Day Manifesting Course; and can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us when Manifest More is released next week. But I kinda can’t wait. I want to know more about manifesting right now!”
Although I’m not going to give away all of my secrets just yet, I decided to give her, everything I know about manifesting, that I’ve shared on my blog, to date. And I thought you might like it too.

  • 10 Super fun and easy steps to manifestation. This is amongst one of the very, very first blog posts that I ever wrote, so you get to see some old-school blogging going on right here, plus, maybe a fun little exercise to whet your appetite for more. (Manifest More, clearly ;)



  • How to see the signs from the universe and manifest big things. I wrote this just before I moved to Byron Bay, in early 2015. It such a great example of how manifesting works, within a timeline and what the signs look like when it’s time to go. You see, I had placed “move to Byron Bay and live there with my love” into my manifesting journal over 4 years prior. At that time, I didn’t know who my love was going to be (I was in-between a whole different set of relationships) nor when it was going to happen. But as I share in this post, life is full of surprises. And I like to think, most of them are good ones!


  • How to instantly make over $1000 gypset style. This is a great one for those dire moments when you feel like the entire world is going to collapse from under your feet, if you don’t make money now. Because I made $1,400 out of literally nowhere in 24 hours. And you can too!


  • 10 Reasons why some people are better at manifesting than others. The latest in my manifesting musings, it answers the question of “Why does he/she had that, and so easily too, and I don’t?!”. Because yes, we are all equal, and well deserve equally,  but we might have a missing element somewhere. This post covers that. For example; I have always manifested love sooooo easily. But money? Nope, it seemed so hard. And the reason was because of what I believed to be true for me: that love is easy and money is hard. Awareness has helped me switch that belief system around. Now I know that manifesting love, and manifest money are both as easy as I allow them to be.


Free 7 Day Manifesting Course
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