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One thing that I have noticed over the past couple of years, is that people aren’t so much scared to do the things they are wanting to do, as they are waiting for permission to do them.
Permission to forgive yourself, when you’ve done things that you’re truly, and deeply ashamed of.
Permission to not have it all figured out or “get it right”.
Permission to let go of the past.
Permission to dream your own personal wildest set of dreams, no matter how small or how big.
and then
Permission to actually go out there, and live them.
At the end of every year, I like to take stock of the past 12 months, make peace with it all, and then spin around to face forward, with exhilaration and enthusiasm, for the new year.
This past year I realised that I wanted to work with my clients on a more intimate and longer-term interval. (Apparently you wanted it to, as you kept requesting it.)
As much as I love the excitement, and adventure of new projects every month, there is something so precious, that it is beyond words, to be intimately intertwined in another life’s journey, so that you can help expand it to the depth, the height and the breadth of it.
I want our time together to be powerful, impactful and decisive.
Which means I have put together something special, to help you make 2016 the most magical, unparalleled year of your life.
DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Full Payment                    DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Payment Plan

Behold: DEVOTED | 6 Month 1:1 Mentoring
Devotion is the theme of 2016, and is associated with ambition, inspired action, smartness, mischief and adventure.
This is the time of courage, action, revolution, and true devotion to even the wildest of dreams: a time to start new endeavours, for they are destined to succeed under this years’ influence. It’s time to give yourself permission to do what you say you want to do.
It’s a year that anything can happen.
What are you devoted to?
Run with your heart, embrace the dreams, and don’t look back.
In this 6 month mentoring series, we will look at your life, and begin by laying the foundation for the first half of 2016 with a crystal-clear intention. (Don’t worry, I’ll help you with that!)
And then build it up into a tangible process – setting specific goals and taking structured microactions toward them each week – infused with connecting to your inner guidance system, and making decisions with love.
Each step of the way, we will ensure that everything you do is in alignment with your highest values, and you learn to give yourself permission really dream your own magic up where you act on your greatest desires, without holding back.
This is all about devoting yourself to you, your life and your dreams.
Your choice: DEVOTED [For You] or DEVOTED [Biz + Blog]
Due to my multi-faceted and multi-passionate audience (you) I have two types of mentoring available.
DEVOTED [For You]: is about clearing the way for your devotion, in every area of your life, and giving you the intimate, understanding support that you crave, to make great changes.
DEVOTED [Biz + Blog]: is devoted to the business and blog you are building and creating, giving you guidance, insight and insider-knowhow from someone who has done it themselves.
Both of these will be stimulating, heart-opening, limitation-busting, challenging and enthralling.
Nothing is off-limits.
We will cover: Adulting. Money mojo. Magic. Femininity. Sex. Creativity. Fear. Self care. Daily practices. Rituals. Friendship. Purpose. Self expression. Fun. Wildness. Following your heart. Taking action. Being ready. Change. Presence. Love. Being focused. Relationships. Trust. Spirit. Social Media. Just to name a few.
You will get:
1  FREE Bonus Intention Setting Session (December 2015)
12 x 45 minute Skype Mentoring Sessions (January to June 2016)
$1,800 or 6 monthly payments of $350. All prices are in USD.
I am inspired to share this kind of intimate and powerful experience with a small number of devoted women, who are ready to take their lives to new heights, and to start truly living, being, and showing up in life.
There are 10 spaces in total available, and this opportunity is only available between November 14 and 27.
DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Full Payment                    DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Payment Plan

  • Doors will open on Saturday 14 November via my newsletter AND then shared publicly on Monday 16 November on my blog.
  • Doors close on Friday 27 November.
  • I’m accepting a MAX of 10 clients in total for the 6 month program (there’s a cap in my enrolment system). This will be based on first come, first served. I believe that the right people will be drawn to work with me, and will sign up at just the right time.
  • I’m including a free, bonus 45min coaching session to be held in the 1st/2nd Week of December to set the intentions for the New Year.
  • We begin the 6 month program in January 2016, to end in June 2016.
  • We will have a total of 13 sessions together.
  • The costs are $1,800USD upfront (saving $300USD); OR $350USD per month (which totals at $2,100USD).
  • There is no insider-information on the topics that will be covered over the 6 months, because this is totally unique to each individual, and dependent on the goals and intentions they set at the beginning. This will be something that you and I will work on together, as a team.
  • You will be given homework during each coaching session, that is unique and specific for you.
  • No email support is included in this program.
  • Each call will last 45 minutes, and will been done over Skype.
  • I strongly suggest that you take notes, and also record the sessions if you would like using eCamm.com
  • I love that you ask a lot of questions. People who do, get the most out of coaching with me, so that is perfect. Bring those questions to every coaching session and you will make big, bold strides in the direction of your dreams.


DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Full Payment                    DEVOTED 6 Month Mentoring Payment Plan

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have about DEVOTED — feel free to email me.
I hope your day is graceful and fun and successful.

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