Hello my Empowerment Project Angels,
Things have been a little quieter on my end of The Empowerment Project the last couple of weeks, and my initial response is to apologize, because I feel that I owe it to all of you who are so eagerly and lovingly moving through the program, to keep up to date and on top of my videos and postings.
But the truth is, I’m not really sorry, because I’m just moving with life. It may not be so corporate, or structured in a way that the timing is meticulous but is real and raw. Because I am a one girl band, who really just wants to help the people around her, who want to join my caravan of courage and live life from a place of love, truth and freedom.
That’s all I really care about.
And I looked into why or where I had resistance in getting these videos up in the time that I had initially laid out for myself, but there is none. I really love creating videos for you and am thrilled that I get to relate to you from this platform is such a natural way.
The fact is, that I have about 6 different projects on my plate at the moment (as always because that’s the way I am, I love jumping between different creative ideas and pursuits) and to ensure that they all go ahead, they all need a little piece of me.
One of the main ones that is stealing most of my attention away is a venture I’m involved with here in San Francisco called The Human Connection Project which aims to connect all people across the globe through a common understanding of oneself by way of self and global reflection on daily questions asked and answered unanimously on a world-wide basis. It’s a fascinating concept and being part of the marketing team is ever so fun!
One of The Human Connection Project’s offshoots is a BETA program called Ping Colors, which is still in testing and developmental mode and not very pretty, but we have to start somewhere! Check it out at Hopefully the new copy will be up in a few days for more clarity!
So, back to The Empowerment Project. I am doing Weeks 5 & 6 together in one recording today, in part, to catch up, and also, because they go hand in hand. You can’t have one and not follow it with the other! You simply must take that leap. I promise, I’ll be here for you when you do!
Love with all my heart,
Vienda xx

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