Our capacity of experiencing such an enormous range of human emotions is certainly beguiling. With great charm and finesse we move through roller coaster rides from the highs to the lows, round loop-de-loops and back again of feeling emotions in response to thoughts and experiences.
But what are your emotions really telling you?
It’s quite simple. Emotions are our inner guidance system telling us whether we are heading in the right direction. They are the compass of our inner world, with which we sail the seas of life. Instead of reacting to our emotions with more emotions, imagine the clarity and self understanding you would become acquainted with if you were to feel your feelings and allowed yourself to learn what they meant.
Understanding and accepting our emotions allows us to learn the wisdom that they bring and let them go. The pain often associated with feeling emotions is not the emotion so much as the resistance against or attachment to the emotional response. Emotional awareness is a transformational step in the direction of self realisation. And self realisation rocks!
We often believe that our emotional response is a direct result of a superficial situation we have encountered, whereas in truth, our emotional reactions tend to run much deeper. They are actually an indication of your beliefs around a certain situation. And you have the absolute power to change that.
There are only two basic emotions that we all experience: love and fear.
As Oprah so wisely said “I believe every single event in life is an opportunity to choose love over fear.” Every single moment we get to choose whether we go for the feeling of love, or for feeling fear.
That’s the compass. The fear feeling means that the direction you’re facing is not quite right, not in line with who your are. That it’s time to change your thinking around whatever it is that perturbs you.
Sometimes you have to feel the fear, face towards love and move forward.
The love feeling is a great big emphasised YES! This is how you know you’re on the right track.
Feel the feelings. Allow them to guide you. They are your compass.

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