Find a way of life you love, and have the courage to live it.
When was the last time you sat at your desk, looked out the window, and wondered “Is this it? Is there not more?”.
I remember those days. I have had 3 “real” jobs in my life. You know the ones. Office jobs. With swivel chairs and desks and computers and big-ass printers. Even though I was very lucky, and always found creative, interesting jobs, there was something not quite right in it for me.
I didn’t like my time being defined by office hours and my salary limited to those hours. I didn’t like the way I was valued; another cog in the system, making sure everything runs smoothly in just the way it should. With terms defined by someone else; rules made up by a society that I didn’t quite fit into.
I remember always arriving at my desk on time, – I happen to be a little pedantic about this – siting down, and whizzing through my “to-do’s” in the first 4 hours. And then…
The boredom set in. I was obliged to sit at this desk from 8.30am to 5pm. That is what I got paid for. I didn’t get paid for my efficiency or innovative thinking. I didn’t get paid for using my imagination or coming up with great new ideas. I got paid for sitting at that desk, completing my tasks, and answering any phone calls regarding those tasks, that might come in.
In between those 3 jobs I lived off my savings, travelled the world, studied and took on contract jobs for events.
In 1999 I was a PA for a film editing company in Soho, London for 6 months. It was flashy, shiny and glamorous, and my bosses spent most of their time, racking up lines of cocaine, while I answered the phones, and prettily welcomed film and art directors, advertising agencies and script writers through the doors. I was 21 and left with a wad-ful of cash and a desire for warmer climates and to ‘make something’ of myself. So I went to university to become a psychologist. Or so I thought.
In 2007 I came back to London, with that psychology degree in my hand, after having circled the globe several times, with my festival-coordinating contract gigs; and landed my next office job: 1 year as an Events Organiser for a dance company in Shoreditch, where the cool kids played ‘who’s-the-baddest-hipster’ and the struggling bohemian artists, were slowly squeezed out with sky-rocketing rents. The only thing I liked about this job were my beautiful colleagues – we were the international department of the company: a Spaniard with wild, flaming red hair; a passionate Italian who cursed like a sailor after hanging up on clients; a Grecian with the biggest eyes and most loving heart on this planet; and a gypsy – me.
In 2010 I moved to Sydney, Australia, with my boyfriend. By that time I knew that I wanted to work for myself. It simply was the only solution for someone like me. And I also knew that in order to have a business, the most important element was learning to market myself and share what I had to give. Something that, at that time, was most definitely my biggest obstacle. So I got my 3rd and final “real” job: as Business Manager and PA for a small marketing consultancy that ran workshops and presented at corporate events. It was the longest job I ever held: 2.5 years.
It was there, that I started blogging, and scheming and formulating my personal escape plan from the ruts of the rat race. In figuring out and conceiving this plan, I knew I needed to cover my highest values:

  1. It had to be something that I love. If I don’t love what I do, then it’s not worth it for me.
  2. It had to be soulful. At the depths of my being I have an infinite well of soul connection. This shows up in all areas of my life, and needs to have space to be included in my work.
  3. It had to be something that gave me freedom. Freedom to live my life the way I want to, freedom to travel, freedom that have plenty of space and time, freedom in my finances, meaning this Thing that I’d be doing, supports me wholly.

It meant that I had to create a business and life that allowed me to be myself, and give all that I have. And it had to suit my personality. It had to be a little bit gypset.
Taking your own life into your hands takes a certain self-belief. An inner knowing that you are good enough, important and smart enough to share something with others that is worthwhile and transformative. I remember months of whispering to myself “No matter what happens, I’m always going to be ok.” Willing myself to believe it. To step beyond the limited beliefs of what is possible for us, to create the lifestyles we wish to lead. It takes a willingness to get uncomfortable and face all those limited beliefs and fears that come up in order to create a different reality.
Today, I am sitting on my bed, looking out the window into the rain wondering “How can life get any better than this!?”
If you’re ready to take that leap, and create YOUR own life, check out my coaching programs. I can help you find a way of life you love, and to have the courage to live it.

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