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I’m doing some research into the information-product based business model. I’m planning on building a business around my numerology skills and a spiritual/inspirational blog, may get into spiritual coaching as well, and I am wondering if you would take a few minutes to answer a few questions?
I’m in the beginning stages, getting more insight into what all is involved, wanting to learn from people who are using a similar business model. Figure out what it takes and make sure I’m prepared to do that before I jump in.
When I asked my business school members who is rocking a spiritual information-product business model, your name came up more than once.
Thank you so so much for your time! — Krista
Krista sent me this email late last week, asking some really excellent questions around creating a soulfully, financially successful and freedom-fuelled business. They were questions that I would have loved to ask someone, when I first started. Many of these questions are answered in length, in my 8-part ‘Starting a freedom-fuelled business…‘ series.
I’m answering these burning questions rapid-fire below.


1. What were the major steps you took in building your business?
Keeping in mind that nothing in life is linear, even though our minds like to view and organise things that way, and that everything is interrelated, the biggest turning points for my business were these:

  • Deciding “Yes! I am going to do this.” I spent a lot of time on the sidelines, blogging and hiding and not stepping up to the plate. I had a website, a blog, a services page. But no-one knew about it, because I was too scared to be seen and to interact with the world and share what I have to share.


  • Being my true, authentic self. At the beginning, I thought I had to be what I thought people would expect of me, as a life-coach. And attempted to fit myself and my work in an inauthentic and bland box, based on what the world seemed to want. It didn’t work for me, I had next to no clients this way. As soon as I started sharing who I really was: a free-spirited, human-behaviour obsessed, thought-leader, who lived totally unconventional life that included traveling the globe, things dramatically shifted.


  • Being confident in sharing my message, my way. So often we are taught to “find our niche” and “create a tag-line” and “use all the social-medias”. While all of these are great advice, and all or some work for many people, I felt confined by the limitations of doing things the way I was “supposed-to”. As soon as I let go of the rules, and started to configure my own way of doing business, my business blossomed and grew. This is an ever-changing thing. I am constantly figuring out what’s right for me, and how to do things in a way that is congruent with who I am an my values. In fact, right now, I am at the cross-roads of totally transforming the way I show up and share in my business.


2. What pitfalls have you noticed or fallen into?
The hugest pitfall is definitely doing things the way other people are doing them. We learn from, and are inspired by one another. But it’s very easy to think that, because something is working for one person, that it will work for ourselves too. It can feel really hard to dig deep, and do what is right for you, instead of emulating others who are successful. But not doing so, sets sever limits to you and your business, and holds you back from innovating and becoming all that you can be.


3. Did you have any start-up capital when you started?
No, not really. I obviously invested in a domain name, a theme, and hosting. I think starting my business cost me a total of $150. And I saved money to go traveling, which I did, while building my business. I also supplemented my income through copywriting and social media management. Now, I only invest back into my business, as much as I earn. I love the organic approach to building and growing my business.


4. What skills are necessary in running your business?
Every skill is necessary! Ha! When you first start, you have every role: content creation; social media marketing; bookkeeping; sales management; project management; website management; ideation and rollout; mentoring. It’s all you, baby! These skills, like all skills can be learned. Over time, once you get to know your tasks and skills involved, you can start to automate them, outsource them and streamline them into processes. I personally want to keep my business small, and hire contractors (other small businesses) for support. Having handle on all areas of my business is fun, exciting and fulfilling for me.
5. How long did it take you to go from launch to where you are now?
There is no “arriving” in life or business. It is simply an ongoing cycle of growth, expansion, learning and restructuring. I officially started my business almost 3 years ago (in August 2013). It’s taken me that long to get to where I am now. And it’s still evolving and growing, with every passing week, month and year. That’s the nature of a freedom-fuelled, spirit and heart-guided business.
If you’d love to have more support and ask all the burning questions, check out my work with me page.

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