Forcing myself into a linear model of productivity doesn't work for me.


So many people are awakening right now… coming to terms with the fact that the lies we have been sold all our lives, in fact, aren’t important at all. Materialism doesn’t matter. We are all equal. Happiness comes from within. Love is all that matters.


But we live in a world that keeps telling us that our status and value in life is defined by the things we own and the position we hold in society. And that if you disregard these concepts you will be outcast, cold and alone.


It makes integrating and living in alignment with the insights of our awakening inside the world as it currently exists near impossible. We begin to feel disconnected and have to defy society to maintain our sense of right and good in the world.


When we have an intrinsic belief in how good the world could be if these superficial, shallow values were no longer placed high on superficial, shallow pedestals, we begin to wonder how we can create a world where our insights and awakening will be embraced and maintained. A world where we can remain connected to these higher truths in such a way that we can easily access and experience them.


Wanting to answer this precise predicament was what drove me to create the business I now have. I want to create a world, a safe space, within which no one could prevent me from living aligned to my beliefs and values.


There’s an entire generation of ‘girl-bosses’ who have bought into patriarchy strategically reframing hustle-culture and burnout in business as ’empowering’ under the guise of a ‘feminist’ movement. They have taken that concept and then sold it to other ‘girl-bosses’ who then sold it to more ‘girl-bosses’. Which sneakily appears like a multi-level marketing scheme…


Capitalism tells us that our work and the vehicle that is our businesses should always be increasing in every way. But my business is its own entity with its own rhythms and cycles and waves of being on and off. Forcing myself into a linear model of productivity doesn’t work for me.


I don’t buy it.


My business runs in seasons of work and output.


Here is what I KNOW and the 6 principles I run my business on:
  1. If things feel off it’s because they are.
  2. When I don’t know what to do life/the universe makes it really easy: things are aligned if I feel happy, open free, expansive.
  3. If I don’t feel those things, I wait and look at what needs to be resolved, changed or healed before I move forward.
  4. I will wait as long as I need to. It takes time to bring what I want to bring earthside. It has to have integrity and be embodied.
  5. It all needs to feel easy. The moment it doesn’t  — and easy means easeful and in full fluid flow with momentum, it doesn’t mean there’s no work or sometimes no long hours invested in it — I need to step away, check in and patiently wait for redirection.
  6. I never ever promote or sell anything that I don’t personally adore. My work is pieces of my soul turned into things for you.
  7. Things don’t happen on my timeline and I trust my business entity to guide me every step of the way.


It’s why I created Her Way.


A year-long container where we can maintain the connection to our innate values that remind us of what is really true and meaningful in the world, facilitated by me.


A way to work and run businesses where you are supported to implicitly trust your innate instinct, that inner wisdom that rises within us anytime we willingly are still enough to listen. Because within you exists a powerful vision of the way things could be, should be, would be.


Her Way begins in April 2022. Join us.


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