Rituals bring a formal acknowledgement of what was, what is and what might be.They invite structured witness to life, thereby bringing about tremendous healing and manifest blessings into life transitions, by bringing attention to that which is sacred.

Rituals bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds, your spirit and your body, unifying them into a tangible experience that place a special moment in your heart, soul and memory as you move through life.
In order to make space for change and move forward in our lives, we often need rituals that help us separate one chapter of life, from the next.
Releasing Rituals is an 8 day program to help you do exactly that, in a sweet, conscious, healing and nurturing way, that you can apply time and time again, in many different circumstances.
Today — starting now — join me for my Free 7 Day Releasing Rituals Program. 
This free program is a sent out as a daily email lasting over 9 days from the day you sign up, taking you through the phases of letting go and releasing to make space for more love, happiness, magic and flow in your life.
Accompanying every email an audio recording of each of the steps, including the meditations and incantations, to guide you along the way. So all you have to is press play, and follow along as you listen.
You will need: an open heart and mind, a big imagination, a powerful desire to release and let go, and a few essentials.

  • Pink candles (as many as there are people you are letting go of in this circumstance).
  • A white candle.
  • Incense, palo santo or sage.
  • A large heat-proof container.
  • Salt.
  • Wine or juice.
  • Lavender moisturizing lotion or oil.
  • A journal + pen.
  • An enormously large piece of cardboard paper or pinning board for your dream board.
  • Old magazines

Are you in?
Join me for my free Releasing Rituals program and I will email you a new step, every day, for the next 8 days.
Registration for the program is now open. Simply enter your email address:


Over 6,000 words; 7 days of meditations, affirmations and exercises; plus a recorded audio version so you can simply follow along; the Free 7 Day Releasing Rituals Program will help you through those challenging times.
Use it over + over, forever + ever. Love x infinity and beyond.
If you’ve got a friend who would benefit from releasing something in their own lives, please invite them to join us, and share in the goodness!
Kind words about the Free 7 Day Releasing Rituals Program:
“Just like de-cluttering your physical space to bring in clarity, it’s also essential to acknowledge & clear out your internal space removing stress, pain & anxiety in your spirit to move towards your goals/dreams.
Releasing Rituals is the perfect tool to help you do that. This program contains a sweet audio full of meditations, rituals and affirmations to help you gently release blocks and even the supply list makes me happy– candles, incense, paper, pen & lavender moistening lotion – get ready for some sumptuous self-love!
This program is perfect for those in a tender spot, I just sent it to my BFF who recently lost her job & used it myself to help release old anxiety around finances.  Thank you Vienda!” — Desha
“Releasing Rituals is as gorgeous as it is helpful! Vienda has created something that’s woven with magical underpinnings, perfect for helping the gypsy wanderer who wants to permanently check her baggage.” — Emily
“Vienda writes the way I imagine a guardian angel would, with sweetness, warmth and no holds barred honesty. This makes her the perfect guide for doing the deep cleansing and releasing work that will inspire you to let go of the past, knowing you are safe and secure enough to step into your own brilliance and live the life you deserve.”  — Sophie
“Releasing Rituals is a very powerful and soulful program. It’s fresh and beautifully written, and guides you through each step with encouragement and love. It’s helping me to accept what has happened, move forward and let go. I recommend this to everybody for it will not only help you heal right now, but you’ll be able to apply it to many situations in the future.” — Victoria
“In our fast paced society, it’s not uncommon for the juggling act of life to leave us feeling stressed, lacklustre and downright overwhelmed. Too often we don’t make time for reflection and release and instead, continue on with the chaos and crazy of our minds.
It does not surprise me in the slightest that Vienda (a lady who lives for unconventionality, love and purpose), has created Releasing Rituals; the antidote to the ‘I’m Too Busy’ epidemic.
Her words, visuals and soothing audio will guide you to slow down, rest and create space for what you truly need to bring into your life – and let go of what you don’t. Simply put, this 8 day program is magic in motion and will cause miracles.” — Claire

“Vienda is the most perfect gem of a person to take you gently by the hand and guide you through a week of releasing rituals. Her calm and centred energy allows you to really FEEL and FLOW into the process, without fear or hesitation – her delicious dulcet tones combined with the most relaxing music in the audios carry you softly through each exercise, holding the most beautiful space for you to explore & TRULY let go. Even if (like me!) you’re a self-aware, self-development junkie, constantly working on yourself, journalling and meditating, this program is STILL for you – it is a gorgeous opportunity to slow down, clear some space & have a week of super-charged sumptuous self-care.” — Rhiannon
“Releasing Rituals has inspired me to commit to a morning meditation practise. Vienda’s program has helped me make peace with a certain part of my past I obviously hadn’t been willing to let go of. Thank-you Vienda for enabling me to let, go, make peace and grow. I trust you with all my heart, left with a feeling knowing the universe has my back.” Hannah


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