There is an electricity in the moon. A pulse, a magic, an energy, a bewitching entrancement.

The full moon holds an abundance of positive energies and magical powers. It is at this high tide of power  amplifying and creative, powerful and intense  that you are able to release anything that is stopping you from taking action or receiving the intentions you set at the new moon.
The full moon is the perfect time to celebrate the magic you have manifested into your life  the intentions that have come into form  and letting go of anything that no longer serves you or aligns with you, adjusting your course. Essentially, this is the time to release any aspect of yourself and your desires that you have outgrown.
In this Full Moon journaling ritual, I show you how I set aside time each month during the full moon to celebrate what has come about, and to let go of any desires that haven’t manifested in the way I thought they had to, and create space to be surprised by the universe.
You see, the full moon will set you free from old ways of being, expectations, and unsupportive relationships and situations.
Today, you can do it too. I’d love you to join me with this monthly ritual. Simply enter your email address below, and I’ll give you access to my Full Moon Manifest journaling ritual directly to your inbox.

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