Free intuition workshop (+ you're invited)!

Thousands of tiny decisions made from a place of intuitive inner knowing can and must become a framework of decision-making in all areas of life. It’s so subtle. There’s no force involved. And yet it changes everything.

I’m not perfect. I still make mistakes sometimes but I’ve had too many lessons, that I cannot ignore. I’ve learned that when I override my intuition I pay with having to retrace my steps and take the harder, longer route.
Getting to this point takes tremendous trial and error, courage and an ability to make decisions based on what you feel in your body, instead of what you’ve been programmed to do by the outside world. It’s being able to intuitively answer the question: What would best serve me now? Over and over again.
Today — right now — join me for my Free Intuition Workshop. 
In this 50 minute workshop, I cover:

  • How I started to get in touch with my intuition.
  • How to actually feel your intuition and separate it from fear or habit.
  • The 3 key things that take you from feeling it to acting on it.
  • My best answers to all your great questions.

All you have to do is find a cosy spot, with your favourite beverage, listen, take notes and take away what resonates the most for you.
To join this free workshop simply pop your email address in the box below and I will email you the audio recording.

I can’t wait to share the workshop with you!

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