Moondust in your lungs stars in your eyes, you are a child of the cosmos, a ruler of the skies.

The new moon, the very first cresent you see in the sky, marks the beginning — a time for renewal — for you to recreate yourself and your life, by setting intentions and putting into motion the things that you want to manifest.
At the new moon there is a strong and potent opportunity for new possibilities — the atmosphere is empty, receptive and full of potential — which makes it an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for your greatest desires, biggest dreams, and grandest wishes to manifest in your life.
In this New Moon journaling ritual, I am sharing exactly what I do, every new moon to create a life filled with love, harmony, joy, success, abundance, connection and happiness.
Now, you can do it too. I’d love you to join me in this monthly ritual. Simply enter you email address:

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