Everything I know for sure, I’ve learnt through life experience. Because I’m naive (or maybe brave and stupid at the same time) enough to just go for things I know nothing about. Which includes creating my own job and traveling the world. I basically just made it up as I went along. And made tons of mistakes along the way.
I remember often wishing I could conjure up some kind of mentor who could guide me a little along my way, instead of feeling so alone in my unconventional choices.
So when the wonderful Hayley Carr and I got together one sunny afternoon in Bondi, we decided to do exactly that. To create an opportunity for those of you who want to create a life, that’s a little bit different, to ask questions and learn all about what it takes to create a business and life that you love – one that you can take anywhere in the world.
She Is Free Hangout
Unlocking the myths about traveling the world and running a beautiful, lifestyle-tailored boutique business, Hayley and I will help to lift the veil on the mystery of having a travelling online business, and seeing the world a little differently…
Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Our Stories & how we did things differently
  • How we started to do what we do now
  • What The Catalysts were for change for the both of us
  • How we Deal with, & Face Fears
  • How we Make Money
  • Our Top Time-Management Methods that work anywhere in the world
  • Our Favourite Techy Apps, tools & Equipment that make an adventurous life much easier
  • How we pack our bags & Choose where to go
  • How we manage romantic relationships & family en route
  • How we maintain our Authenticity
  • Our Biggest struggles with Living this life, and how we have overcome them

Of course, we want to answer all of your questions as well, so feel free to post them in the comments below, and join us live for the masterclass on google hangouts, where you can ask us exactly what you want to know, directly.
This is what you’ll get:
You will walk away from this call with a new-found sense of freedom & possibility ignited into your life.
You will stoke that little fire that’s already burning inside of you.
You’ll have actionable insights to take your dreams and start making them a reality.
This is about recognising that anything is possible.
All you have to do, is believe that it is.
We are here to show you how to do that.
Come Travel the world! Join in our Adventures…
Sign up to join us for the She Is Free Google Hangout HERE. I can’t wait to see your pretty faces then!

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