You asked, I answered: How to transition into a traveling gypsy lifestyle, and overcome the 1 major issue: money.
I recently received the following from a devoted reader:
I have a question. I know deep down in my heart it’s meant for me to be a gypsy. I am free-spirited, caring, passionate, and creative. I have a friend in Seattle who lives that way and I am hoping to join her soon. The major issue for me (which I would assume is most people’s issue) is money. I recently landed my dream (corporate) job, and I am interested in it only because of the money. How did you transition? Or are you one of those people who are just blessed to have money? 
The question is very practical: how do I feel financially secure while following a path of uncertainty.
The answer however, is less straightforward: it lies not in what you do, but in what you believe.
I think the foremost thing to remember is that there is no linear route to reach the experiences we want in our lives. The transition isn’t one of smoothly gliding into a life filled with freedom. The transition for anyone, is filled with messy, crazy emotions, fear, guilt, and having to let go of many of the expectations and beliefs we hold about ourselves, world and life.
Corporate employment brings with it a sense of certainty and security. Someone else creates safe structures for you to live within, and you can rely on a consistent pay cheque. You pay for that sense of security with your time. Your life.
Gypset live requires you to develop you own inner sense of certainty and security. You can no longer look for safety and validation in the paradigms of others, they don’t exist for you any more when you choose freedom. You become wholly responsible for every aspect of your life. That takes tremendous courage, and rewards you with tremendous freedom.
Another issue here is that we believe freedom and money to be mutually exclusive. Many of us think that in order to have freedom in our lives, we have to give up some of our comforts; some of the things that we really quite like. This will help: 3 ways to have waaay more freedom, without giving it all up.
We all love stories, so here’s mine.
I never made the transition from corporate to gypset. I also was not blessed with money. I knew, growing up in an eclectic and broken family, that the status quo of living, wasn’t made for me. Not that I had any answers on how to do it differently. I just knew what I didn’t want.
Whatever you focus on, is always attracted to you, as I teach in my 8 week course, Manifest More. And so I focused on seeking out ways I could live differently.
At 18 I sold ice-cream in a square in Salzburg, Austria.
At 19 I was a nanny to a 7 years old in Florence, Italy.
Then I moved to London and worked in several bars, before getting a job as a receptionist at a bridal magazine, and then an office manager at a film editing company.
At 20 I decided to go to university to study Psychology.
I put myself through uni, working as a waitress, at a sunglasses shop, and at music events. I also travelled around Australia in a van in the summers, and spent two months in Central America one winter.
At 24, with a degree in my hand, I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted to live my life according to my rules, not anyone else’s. I got a gig at a music festival helping the event producer, and then another, and then another. I spent 4 years of my life, traveling all around the world, working at music festivals as an artist coordinator. My gypset life was in full force. I learned a lot about freedom, and creating life from the inside out, during this time.
At 28, I’d had enough of the wild and wonderful ways of festival life. I moved to London, and worked as an event coordinator for a while. And then went to India, to find myself.
At 29, I moved to Sydney, determined to start a business of my own. But I had no idea how to do that, nor where to start. So I got a job as a business manager for a small marketing agency. So I could learn about running a business and marketing. While the job itself didn’t teach me as much as I had hoped, what it did give me, was time.
At 30, I started a blog.
At 31, I quit my job in Sydney, and went traveling again for 2 years: Portugal and France — Amsterdam for 3 months — Prague to heal a broken heart, Germany, London, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama — San Francisco and Los Angeles for 3 months where I worked as a social media manager for a start-up, London again, India and Australia. During that time, my blog grew into a business that started to support my freedom-fueled life.
At 33 I realised I was living my dream: traveling had become a way of life, and I was supported in all of my ventures.
The thread the runs through all of these years of living a life filled with freedom, was the inner work, the mindset shifts, the releasing, the reframing and choosing to see the world, and my life through a lens that I create with my thoughts.
I share more of this story, and how I have consciously created a life of freedom in Manifest More, my popular 8 week course on the adventure of filling your life with all the you desire. Doors to Manifest More close on Wednesday 31 August. Until then, you can be one of the 120+ enthusiastic manifesting mavens at a 50% discount. Learn more about it here. I’d love to have you join us.

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