imageHello May!
And hello to all of my gorgeous earth angels reading here today. Has it been a fantastic month or what!!?
I’m so head-over-heels in love with life right now, and it’s all because of YOU. If I didn’t have this supportive, loving community here, where you choose me as your personal modern day gypsy, philosophical writing and lifestyle altering muse, and are in turn cheering me on as I make leaps and bounds within my own life and business. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. In utter bliss happiness. Thank you so much!
I’ve been living in San Francisco for 6 weeks now and it’s been quite an incredible journey for me which I’m ever so grateful for, from navigating some awkward moments with friends, to making new friends, to finding new projects to work on and future leads on where my journey is taking me next.
In and amongst all of that, I have been collection the most loveable, sweet, fascinating and inspiring collection of articles, videos and stories that I’ve come across this past month to share with you. So go find a cozy, corner and snuggle in for a lovely list of entertaining moments to enjoy.
// One of my most favourite reads, possibly ever: 7 Traits of Magic People:
“It’s to spread the magic around, because you just can’t stand not doing it. The magic is so fun, so beautiful, so warm, so true.
It drives you a little crazy when you can totally see the magic in someone, and they can’t see it in themselves.
It drives you maybe even more crazy when you can totally see the magic in the world, and the world at large seems not to tenderly care for and appreciate its magic.
So you put a goodly amount of effort everyday into doing stuff that increases the sum-total of magic and wonder and joy and love and delight in the world.
You turn up the volume on everything gorgeous so it can’t be ignored.”
Yes. I’m a unicorn too.
// I somehow encountered this interesting article on marriage and had to share it with you. “If men are happy with bimbos, but women aren’t happy with “men who aren’t at least their intellectual equal,” then the conclusion is that a successful heterosexual relationship requires the man to be smarter than the woman.” Hmmm, I certainly agree with parts, but is love really that structured and black and white? Does it really work like that? What are your thoughts?
// So often I have have clients suffering with self image, health diet and body issues, I’m starting to feel like it’s the main way that women are noticing the discrepancies in their lives. This is an important and serious issue which we can look at from so many perspectives. The Institute of the Psychology of Eating outlines some really important issues around nutrition, health and body image in this article here.
// If you have not yet noticed, I love smoothies over juices because I feel like I don’t want to waste the fiber of organic foods and also can control the sugar content a bit more but even so, I still get a bit confused about the differences and benefits between juicing and blending. Food Matters break it down beautifully right here.
// Warning: MAJOR MUSIC GUSH! I just discovered that CVRCHES , along with The XX, Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend, Tame Impala, The Presets and SO MUCH MORE GOODNESS are playing at Saquatch! Festival at the end of May and I AM SO GOING! How incredibly thrilling and vibrantly musically exciting, I may just have an eargasm….. Come play beautiful people! xx
// Speaking of art, during a meeting recently, a Social Media Marketing Manager brought to my attention “something I might like”: a guy but the name of Brian Saunders who drew portraits of himself, under the influence of a wide range of medical, illegal or psychoactive drugs. It’s quite fascinating to see what comes out of his various mental states. He says ” I devised another experiment where everyday I took a different drug and drew myself under the influence. Within weeks I became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage. I am still conducting this experiment but over greater lapses of time. I only take drugs that are given to me. ”
// No words. Except perhaps 4: I felt this. Once.
“And she discovers the laws of the land: that for a woman to get free she must give herself over totally and completely to something she perceives as less than her, beneath her. It is not when her king saves her and she is locked away in the castle that she will feel it but rather when the wrong one subdues her using her own desire that she will discover that surrender, so misunderstood, is where all power lies.
And if she is lucky, very lucky, he will bow to this power by evoking greater depths of surrender than either could ever imagine. And in this, for the first time ever perhaps, a man will meet a woman.” Just. Go. Read. It .
// The world as 100 people. I found this info graphic fascinating and if you click on the link here you can get a real idea of where where are statistically speaking in the world. Inequality is clear but I am so creating that we are currently living in an exciting time of change where this inequality is promoting our growth to consciousness and a liberating, beautiful future.
// “The guilt of following your heart is a weight you can bear if your dream is strong enough. It’s the price of admission to fulfillment.” Adore this beautiful piece of writing. Haven’t heard of Danielle LaPorte yet? You need her in your life.
// The power of gratitude never fails to amaze me. And if this doesn’t fill your heart and inspire you, then you are quite possibly not a human but a bot watching this.
[youtube] [/youtube]
// If you have some time and brain-space on your hands, and enjoy getting all philosophical about life, the universe and the cosmic human experience (as I do!) then you need to read this. “We are “star stuff” exploring the stars, and life is the means by which the universe awakens to and explores itself; humans are (locally) the most advanced expression of this continuously evolving cosmic self-awareness and consciousness.” YES, and wow!!
// I adore this You Tube video by Jenna Marbles titled Things I’m Awesome At.
And while we are at it, here’s a message to the ex boyfriends and men who complain about finishing last. You’re not finishing last, life IS fair, we are just not a good match: Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last by Jenna Marbles.

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