I’m sitting on my bed, in the dark, surrounded by my gypset-entrepruer-technology: my Olympus Pen-1 camera, my iPad where I’ve just edited the photos on, my laptop that I’m typing on and my iPhone that I’m using to get wi-fi from.
The tropical clouds overhead are bursting at the seams, threatening the start of the monsoon season, with thunder and lighting and showers that aren’t quite giving us all they’ve got yet. I’ve been in tropical Far North Queensland for almost two months now, and week by week it’s becoming more tropical. More humid, more hot, more wet.
I’ve just come back from a two-day escape up into the national park rainforest of Cape Tribulation – a much-needed breather from the busy life of a digital entrepreneur, where sometimes the only way to get away from it all is to find a remote location that doesn’t have internet access. Which is exactly what we did.
The sweet welcome sign on the door of our private, beachfront cabin with a private walkway direct to the private beach at the Beach House Resort was endearing and the perfect start to this little getaway in Cape Tribulation. I love when places add unique little touches that leave you that little bit more inspired by life! The bed was SO comfortable and I’m not ashamed to say that after a swim and an early dinner, I was in bed and asleep by 7.30pm. It’s been a really hectic and emotionally intense couple of months. My soul had been yearning for rest and relaxation in every way possible.
I woke early and took myself for a very peaceful walk along this very quiet and deserted beach. Not another soul was around as I picked seashells and waded through the tropical warm water looking for turtles. I love taking little moments like these completely for myself. Where it’s just me, and nature, sharing those precious moments of stillness.
Then I had tea on the stairs of the cabin, looking out at the view directly in front of me:
You can seeĀ the little rainbow orbs dancing around in the forest as the sunlight filters in through the trees. It was magical. I could feel my body and soul breathe a sigh of relief, at just being able to simply be. Be present. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Not have to be anywhere or do anything else. Pure, unadulteratedĀ bliss.
Later in the day, we took a long walk through the rainforest canopy, and admired the umbrella trees (on of my favourite) amongst the thousands of other species of plants, that this part of the world abundantly produces.
I was completely bewildered and mesmerised by the skeletal-like roots of the mangroves that were still waiting for the rainy season to hit.
I think tonight was the night! It’s pouring like I’ve never, ever seen before out there right now!
It’s Full Moon tonight, the last one for 2014, and these two days away have given me time and space to think about what I really want to focus on for the next year, and more importantly, what I want to let go of.
I have noticed that in recent months I feel drawn to spend less time online, less time on social media, and more time in the real world, connecting with real people. I need those real human connections in order to bring the richness of the human experience back into my work and the digital realms that we find ourselves in here. There’s a constant harmony to be found in all that we do, and sometimes how we do them has to shift, in order for the harmony to find its rightful flow again.
Enjoy this Full Moon. It’s the perfect time to withdraw a little and take some time out to think about and release anything that you don’t want to take into 2015 with you. New Moon’s are great for letting go and making space. Which is exactly what I’m about today. Go find my journal, play with my tarot cards and crystals, and get really clear on what I’m letting go of and making space for. Want to do it to? Let’s both look at the moon as we do it and share the experience no matter where we are in the world. Because the moon connects us all.

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