Celebrate a change in your life. Even if it is a challenging one and you are struggling with accepting it, celebrate it anyway. This is a time to embrace change and use its power to expand yourself into new territory. It is also a good day to anchor the beginning of a new project, a routine or a relationship, OR the beginning of a new phase in a project, routine or relationship. Celebrate it.
This full moon is also good for supporting any commitment you make for change this month. If you have contemplated something in your life that you are intending to change, your committed intention can be supported by this full moon. Take a baby step towards your goal during this time.
A feminine Pisces Full Moon draws us into oneness and compassion, sensitizes us to the subtle realms of feeling and being while dissolving any separation from our own true nature. Surrender is the portal to the garden.
Chiron is conjunct the Moon, so our journey carries the distinction of healing the wounds carried in our emotional-spiritual bodies and also of becoming that force that bridges the physical and the cosmic levels. Chiron sits between Saturn and the higher frequency planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. He is the link between the collective mind and the galactic energies in the great beyond (discovered in 1977 inviting us to become more receptive to these energies). Chiron was a centaur, and as a healer and teacher, he taught shamanic knowledge of how to heal at the energetic and cellular levels and how to cure with the plant kingdom, the stone people and with animal allies. Chiron emphasizes the holistic integration of body-mind-spirit and sends the seeker within to become his own authority and source of truth.
This Grand Trine with Moon/Chiron, Juno and Vesta, empowers the reemergence of our feminine consciousness. Let Chiron help release anything you have created in fear and still carry, and recreate your life with the help of the feminine expression of the asteroids so generously gifted with ease and grace here at Full Moon.
It’s a full service chart. If ease and grace is not the most frequented vibration in your life right now maybe you’re feeling some of the dynamic high tension of the multiple squares created by the long collective squeeze created by Uranus/Pluto and now joined by Juno and Mercury. There might be some major house cleaning in your relationship department. The truth needs to be spoken. Remember that ‘the truth will set you free’ thing? Well, it definitely
applies at this time.
Change is in the air on so many fronts. But one thing is for sure, Love is all there is.
Illustration by Will Ev 
Lena Stevens

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