So, you want to change your life.
Or at least upgrade it from what it is.

But, let me ask you:

Do you… really?

Does the idea stimulate your mind?

Or does connecting with your soul ignite you?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other.

You think you want to change your life, but does that mean admitting that something is wrong with it?

Or is it about rediscovering who you really are; whole, safe, beautiful, charismatic, enigmatic, fulfilled.


In my mind, in both cases, it’s the latter: it’s about reconnecting and rediscovering what and who you are. Exploring that, and then taking it higher. By taking action on it. By being gentle and kind, and allowing your Self to come out to play, to flourish.


So I’ve decided something.

I want to give you this chance.

Because generosity is not a joke.

I’ve recently create the Gypset Mindset Class – a set of 6 classes valued at $1,074.

On the surface, it’s all about getting to know yourself, and creating a lifestyle that promotes freedom and wanderlust. You get practical do-it-right-now steps, to get your journey under way.

But really, it’s about connecting with your soul, and seeing beyond our traditional strongholds, to all the endless possibilities we can create for ourselves, when we choose to see them. And what to do with them.


And I’m really excited and proud of these classes, and want to share them with you. So I’ve created a little limited-time-only special.

It goes like this:

Sign up for a 3 or 6 month coaching program with me, by Monday 1st September, and you will receive access to all 6 classes, for free.

Yep, that’s $1,074 worth.

Because generosity is not a joke. It’s a gift. For you.



P.S. Email me if you want in, and remember that spaces are limited, so you know, first in best dressed and all that…

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