My lovely,
As we dust ourselves off from what has been for so many of us, has been pretty rock n’ roll 2013, the Christmas and NYE haze is starting to fade, and we turn to face a new year.
We are in a phase of transition between one chapter, which has seeped over into the past few weeks, and the next one.
A fresh start.
A blank slate.
A new chance to understand your own personal essence.
And to find your place in the world to express and give of yourself.
The theme for this year is multi-faceted.
For some it’s all about casting a glow upon your emotional self and strengthening your intuition and receptivity.
For others, it’s about your career, your mission, being recognised for your work; your gifts and talents, and creating a foundation.
Either way, 2014 is all about allowing your heart and inner wisdom to guide you.
Right now we are in a phase of change. Which makes it the perfect time to start investing in yourself, your life and your dreams.
I have new spaces opening up for 2014 in my Gypset Mindset Coaching program, which gives you the guidance, support and focus to live the life that you dream of. It’s all about recognising limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns, and take the actions necessary towards living life from a space of love, awareness, acceptance, flow, joy and freedom.

  • Learn more about the Gypset Mindset coaching program HERE.
  • Find out more about what the Gypset Mindset is in my radio interview with Connie Chapman HERE, and
  • Discover what some enthusiastic folk are saying about coaching with me HERE.

I’d love to hear from you; email me at studio@viendamaria.com.
P.S. If you’ve subscribed, I’ll be emailing you a special surprise offer on Friday for the Gypset Mindset coaching program. (You can subscribe HERE.)
Vienda x

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