If you’ve been around the cyber-webs lately, you might have noticed a lot of chit-chat about loving yourself with tireless lists on how to love yourself. And you might have begun to start to wonder – why do we go on, and on, and on about self-love? I mean, how many baths with scented oils and candles does it take to prove that I do, indeed love myself?
Honestly, none. Baths don’t have anything to do with it. Though they are very, very nice.
Love, as you may have noticed before, is actually a feeling. It’s not the things you say or do. It’s something that you feel about yourself. Or, as is more common, about others.
Imagine if all that love that we direct at another person, was actually directed at yourself. How do you think that would make you feel?
It’s something that I’d really, really like you to feel. I’m not going to recount the endless reasons why, because I know that when you feel it, you will experience just why self-love is so important. So, I created this: A guided self-love meditation MP3 for you to download and listen to whenever you need. Just click on the image below!
Self-Love Meditation
By practicing meditation, you create new brainwaves which transforms every area in your life, to reflect one of peace, love, joy and abundance.
Meditation is also one of the most powerful practices you can do to improve your life. This unique guided self-love meditation has been specifically created for you, to increase your sense of well-being, confidence and self-love at anytime.
20 minutes of pure bliss: my voice guiding you through a relaxation and self-love practice so you can actually feel what it feels like to be so wholly loved. All for only $7. Get yours here.
P.S. Want to get more of a feel for these kinds of things? Here’s my free guided mediation you can download, or this über-awesome guided self-hypnosis that peeps are raving about. And if that’s not enough, my entire Gypset Guide To Releasing Rituals is accompanied by an audio version that I recorded while I was in India for 3 months earlier this year. So much fun and goodness! Enjoy.

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