2010 has been a massive year full of changes, introspection and finding a new way in life for so many things, for so many of us, so I wanted to share the things that have happened for me in the past year that I am grateful for:

♥ The Bikram Yoga studio, walking distance from my home. Thanks for releasing all the stress and tension that sometimes builds up in my back! ♥ Moving to Sydney, a city I actually never had any intention of living in ♥ seeing Massive Attack on the Opera House Stairs – the BEST gig I have ever been too! These guys (and girl) rocked my world ♥ iPhones – I can’t live without mine now! ♥ Mad Mex ♥ A wardrobe full of lovely clothes and shoes! ♥ Being organised (more this past year than since I was about 12!) ♥ Bondi Beach, every city should have a beach! ♥ Having a great job that supports me on so many levels ♥ Being reminded that I have so many special amazing friends all over the world and being able to keep in touch with them on twitter, facebook and skype!♥ Technology in general which manages to amaze me every day with its high octane lifestyle ♥ Learning my balance ♥ My darling sister ♥ Super cute sleep wear from Victoria Secrets ♥ Bus Rout 380 & 333, both go past my house either into the city to straight to the beach! Bliss! ♥ Thomas Dux, the best greengrocer shopping experience possible! (I hate supermarkets the bright lights freak me out and I end up getting out of there as quick as possible & forget why I went in the first place!And he’s at the bottom of my street! ♥ Apple Macs ♥ Walking almost everywhere (sometime soon I will invest in a bike and will instead cycle everywhere) ♥ Online Shopping! ♥ Music Festivals ♥ The GOOGLE! and internet in general ♥ Little 3yr old Chloe calling me Special Angel for a whole afternoon (soooo super cute and sweet!) ♥ My new Olympus Pen 1 Camera ♥ Watching Stephen Fry at the Sydney Opera House – his eloquence charmed my pants off even though as he said he is a sausage jockey (I was mildly disappointed once I finally realised what that meant!) ♥ Learning how to make perfect poached eggs! ♥ Duck Sauce ♥ WordPress ♥ Wedge Booties ♥ Being motivated to exercise regularly and eat healthily ♥ Jet by John Ashaya JeansEckhart Tolle and Louise Hay, my life guru’s ♥ Brazilian bikinis and brazilian waxing ♥ #positweets and #TDL (The DailyLove) on twitter ♥ sweet almond oil for moisturising ♥ streaming series and movies for free ♥ super comfy sky high heels to run around in! ♥ realising that I prefer to be a brunette after being a blonde for 2 months ♥ writing, drawing and reading ♥ All the amazing blogs and people out there inspiring me to be the best version of my self and encouraging me to dream bigger and bolder every day! ♥ Hot chocolates ♥ International Post ♥ My best friend Kyle ♥ My family and friends and all the wonderful people that exist and have helped be who and where I am today ♥ Thank you and I love you!♥

I probably won’t be posting much more this year, so just in case merry, merry Christmas and have a wonderful festive season, celebrate, eat, drink and live and we will catch up again in the new year. 2011 is going to be even better!!!!

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