I notice that…
When I am thankful for all that fills and touches and colours my life, I have increasingly more to be thankful for. Gratitude begets sensual experiences, feelings and tactile things to be grateful for.
Gratitude is the art of noticing your life.
Of being aware of all the abundance that permeates your every day existence.

Having gratitude is a kind of attitude revolution. It is an incredibly powerful way to transform ourselves and our life experience from those things that we don’t want, to those things that we do. Thankfulness for what is already in our lives, for what we are already receiving, creates peace within. Instead of fighting against the things we don’t want we are opening yourself up to the things we do want.
To change our life experience we have to change our habits. To make peace with life we must make peace with ourselves. Change takes time. And change comes about from repetition until it is natural.
We are consistently noticing our lives, interpreting them, discussing them, evaluating them and basing our choices on previous experiences of them.
What would happen if we changed our focus from noticing what is wrong in our lives, to that which is so very right?
When we begin noticing and focusing on what we are loving, what makes us happy, what makes us feel good and the things we are thankful for, we feel fuller, more abundant, healthier, happier, luckier and more satisfied by life.
This simple act transforms our story, the belief we have of ourselves and our lives and thereby also transforms our futures.
In a gentle way, find your own gratitude practise. Incorporate it into your everyday life and do it for 30 days. Watch what happens. (*I like to do it in bed. Just before I go to sleep and just after I awake. And on aeroplanes and trains. And at meals. Any time I go to the beach and get to swim in a sea or ocean. Or when I’m walking home alone late at night). Notice how life transforms before you and fills you with abundance.

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