By Louie Luxe.
I woke up this morning, feeling that pain in my heart again, a kind of sadness, but not, which I spoke of last week. I’ve been trying to intellectually understand and rationalise why I was feeling this way, for a week now. Moving between just trusting the unknown, and my inner processes — and wanting to understand, so I can fix it — has made the past week a strangely emotional one.
Until I realised something. This morning, amongst my musings, it all became so clear to me. This uncomfortable pain I was feeling; this sense of sadness; of letting go; is also coupled with a new beginning. And what I have been feeling, is growing pains.
You see, I’ve been working a really special project, which has seen me stretch and grow in ways, as never before.
And sometimes (always), when we create something so big, that it takes every part of you to commit and stay with it, it’s a bit (very) scary.
What happens, is that when we step out of our comfort zones, in order to create an experience that is beyond anything we have created before, we have to let go of old paradigms. We expand. We say goodbye to old beliefs. We open up. We take steps in directions where we don’t know what might happen next.
It feels like falling. And not knowing what will happen next, or if you’ll hit the ground.  It’s exiting. It’s exhilarating. It’s terrifying.
And it brings up all the blocks, fears and limitations. But when we continue to go forth with it, what we get, is growing pains. And then, beautiful, spectacular results.
Which brings me to what has caused all this commotion. Allow me present to you: The Gypset Adventure.

6 Months of support, source of strength + bi-weekly group coaching calls in the Gypset Live Mentoring.

A lifetime of new friends + allies from every corner of the world  – find your tribe in the exclusive Gypset Facebook group.

5 Month immersion in the soul + spirit meets financial + practical ‘SHE IS…’ digital eCourse.

3 days of live + personal putting-gypset-biz-life-into-practice at our unique 3 day Gypset Adventure retreat, in an international location.

8 Unique resources created by Vienda and Hayley in the form of eBooks and MP3 recordings as a gift, sent to your mailbox; download = instant.

I’d like to invite you to join me.
I’ll be sharing a lot of stories around this exciting adventure, over the next 6 weeks or so, but just to give you a little insight, here are the 5 elements that make up the Gypset Adventure.
Starting on Wednesday 1st of July, here is where the journey will take you. From Group, to online, to at home, forever, and face-to-face support, we’ve got you covered, in 5 Parts:
Gypset_Headers_660x220_FINAL6“She Is…” Gypset Digital eCourse Series. A 6-month guided journey, with all the practicalities, principles and inner-work required by you, to make your Gypset dreams a reality. Delivered with love straight to you via beautiful videos, audio’s and PDF’s to whip your butt into aligned action, and soothe the queries of your soul. Yours to keep, forever and ever.


 6 Months of fortnightly coaching calls, to supplement the lessons you are learning in the Gypset eCourse. Get on the phone for laser-coaching by Vienda and Hayley, together, every two weeks, from around the globe, for the rest of the year, until it’s time to take your gypset journey to the world, and…



Turn your efforts and actions into results. You will be joining your Gypset sisters and your mentors for our 3-day International Work & Play Retreat, Gypset:Bali.  3 days of travel, lifestyle and business live work-shopping, hot-seats, and adventures, to celebrate live with your sisters from around the world. This retreat is the summation of everything you have worked towards, the accumulation of everything that you need to take continue this journey forever, and a celebration of everything to come.



 Gypset Private Facebook Group. This is where you get to start connecting to, and growing your circle of traveling sisters around the globe, chat, and ask questions with Vienda and Hayley, harness the support of your group while you’re on the go taking action, for continued support. Community is everything, and when you’re a Gypsetter, you require a very unique tribe. Consider yourself sorted.



Solo-Moment Support. 8 x hand-crafted digital resources to get you through anything, yours to keep forever and use on the road to keep you grounded, inspired, and focused on your goals and connected to your dreams. (*extremely helpful*) Plus, Whimsical, Sassy, Beautiful Gypset Surprises… Because –Wanderlust!

Want to know more? Check out the full details here. I’d love to have you with me, on this particular adventure.
Top image by Louie Luxe.


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