As I look back over the past year and re-evaluate my lessons, my leanings, where I’ve compromised myself, and what I’ll do better next time, there is one ever specific theme that shouts out, loud and clear.


That learning to ASK for the things and support I want and need in my life, has to be equally meet by my ability, openness and willingness to RECEIVE them.


It sounds so simple, yet it turns out many of us have a really hard time actually allowing ourselves to receive the good in our lives that we want, and that we ask for. I for one, definitely started facing this aspect of myself when I  started questioning why some of the things I was manifesting didn’t seem to turn up in my life, or why they would show up in such  convoluted ways. I am certain that life could be much easier than this.


One day, I realised that the only thing standing in my way, was in fact, me. For various reasons, I wasn’t very good at receiving that things that I wanted and asked for.

As I began to examine this, I discovered 5 key lessons that I am learning to integrate into my life, in order to receive what I want:

1. I deeply and completely love and approve of myself. Our ability to receive is directly linked with our sense of self worth. I am learning, over and over again, this simple premise: that I am enough. That by the simple nature of BEING, I am deserving of all the good in life, and that I don’t have to DO anything or CHANGE in any way, to receive what I want.


2. I am open to miracles. Often what we ask for shows up differently to how we might imagine. Often the way it does show up is above and beyond our expectations and dreams. This means that it’s important to be present in each moment, and totally of how the things we ask for might show up. It’s like being a curious child in wonderment of how the next moment will unfold.


3. I give thanks for all that I am receiving right now. When I am not in a state of gratitude for what is, I am more likely to miss the opportunities and gifts that are sent my way. Gratitude always begets more things to be grateful for.


4. I count my blessings. Our minds are trained to focus on what’s missing what the negative aspects of any situation are, and what might go wrong. It’s our minds way of protecting us from “danger”. Little does it know, that we don’t actually have those traditional kinds of dangers in our lives anymore. So in those moments when I’m worried about my next income, when I will get paid again, and if I will have enough money to cover my costs, I count my blessings. I make sure my monthly income sheet is up to date, where I write down everything I’ve already earned and received, and I browse the previous months. This brings me back to a state of abundance and a confirmation that I always get what I need, even if I have moments of doubt.


5. I relax into my business and life, knowing the Universe has got my back. When I feel good about myself, about my life, and about the direction I’m moving in, life flows for me, and supports me with all that I need. Receiving is as much a state of Being as it is a state of mind. When we trust that what we want and need is coming to us, we get out of own way, and thereby make the space to receive those things.


“We must never forget that it is through our actions, words, and thoughts that we have a choice.” | Sogyal Rinpoche

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