It’s my birthday today, and so I wanted to share something with you that’s very close to my heart, a skill that I cherish, hone, study and embellish as it is a craft that protects me in my wayfarer life. Palmistry, also known as hand reading.
I have been slightly obsessed with palm reading ever since I was 12 years old and I met Donald Ingram-Smith, writer, ABC Radio personality and author of many of Krishnamurti’s books and biographies, who read my palm and taught me the amazing and fascinating things that can be seen simply by looking at a persons hand.
What caught my attention the most was the fact that he noted that I have very unusual hands, in that, unlike most people, my head and my heart line are one, known as a simian line, instead of separate. Apparently the only other person whom he had ever seen that on was Krishnamurti himself. Clearly, I felt very special indeed! Basically it means that I live my life synergistically on both my head and my heart. There is no confusion about which one takes precedence, because they are the same for me. What I think and feel is combined to make one.
Since that very acquiescent age, I have been fascinated by reading hands, my own and other people’s and have studied it for years. I use it almost daily, whenever I meet someone new, on dates, when agreeing on contracts and making big decisions that involve other people. I like to find out what the other persons strengths and weaknesses are, based on a few sneaky glances at their hands, so I know where I stand.
As a gypsy-jetsetter, one vital ingredient is being able to pick up on people very quickly, to read them and decide what level of inclusion they can have in your life. The ability to quickly understand someone new, is what keeps us safe, secure and protected at all times. The ability to understand ourselves is even more valuable!
The reading of ones hand, or palm reading, works in that all the nerve endings from your brain, end up in your hands and thereby evidence of what is happening in your life can be seen in your palms. The lines show the direction of your thought patterns, potential, and current actions. What’s wonderful is that, once you’ve gotten to know your hands well enough, you can actually observe them change, as you choose to change certain habits, patterns and choices that you make in your life. Your hands will always reflect where you’re at in the current moment, and change with you as grow and blossom.

image If you look closely you can see how my left hand (Other) and my right hand (Dominant) are different from one another.

Dominant hand – What we do with our lives; the actions we take; our public self.
Other hand – What we are born with; what happens to us; our private self.
Your dominant hand (commonly the right hand, depending on whether you are left handed or right handed) is the hand that shows your current life experience.
Your other hand (commonly the left) is the non-dominant hand, which will show your potential, also thought of as your past and your future.
In my case, I am right handed which is my dominant hand and therefore the hand that I look at to consider my current path, whereas I look at my left to see what might be arising for me in the future. To do an accurate reading you have to look at both hands.
The color of the palm is a good indicator of the vitality and strength of a person:
A pale palm often shows a lack of strength and vitality.
A yellow palm might indicate a hostile or even cynical nature.
A pink palm show good vitality and strength.
A red palm shows an extremely aggressive nature as well as hyperactive tendencies.

image I have an Air hand.

The palm shapes represent our basic motivation in the way we live out our lives.
Earth Hand: Physical – A square palm with few and clear lines. Earth Hands are down-to-earth, practical and responsible, but can also be materialistic, serious and stubborn. They are comfortable with the physical and the tangible, and will do things the tried and tested way.
Air Hand: Mental – An oblong palm with many and clear lines. Air Hands are sociable, talkative and witty, but can also be shallow, spiteful and cold. They are comfortable with the mental and the intangible, and like doing things in different and radical ways.
Fire Hand: Instinctive – A triangular palm, with few and fine lines. Fire Hands are spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic, but can also be egoistic, impulsive and insensitive. They are extroverts, and prefer to do things boldly and instinctively.
Water Hand: Intuitive – A fan-shaped palm, with many and fine lines. Water Hands are creative, perceptive and sympathetic, but can be moody, emotional and inhibited. They are introverts and tend to do things quietly and intuitively.
Square finger – represents a down-to-earth quality in respect to the attributes of the finger.
Pointed finger – shows an artistic and sensitive nature.
Spade-shaped finger – represents an inventiveness.
Cone-shaped finger – represents an imaginative quality.
In the situation of a mixed finger type, for example, if a person had a square type of ring finger, they would generally be artistically inclined, however if they also had a pointed index finger, then their occupation would probably not be art related.
Straight fingers represent a person who is honest, direct and clear-headed.
Crooked fingers show a devious and malicious quality.
In regards to the nails, long nails show a soft heart; short nails show a paranoid and uneasy nature; wide nails show quarrelsome qualities; narrow nails show a conservative and refined nature.

image My hands are unusual as they don’t have a defined life line as I explain below. I’m creating my life as I go, but am protected by positive forces. Most people have a clear life line that runs all the way down as see in my other hand.

There are four most important lines to look at on a hand.
Life Line – Health; how we take care of it; major events in life.
Head Line – Mental health; mental capabilities; intelligence; character.
Heart Line – Emotional attitude; romantic profile; all things love + heart related.
Fate + Fortune Line – Career outlook; milestones; ambitions; major events in life.
Deep, clear and smooth lines are best, and indicate that one’s life would be positive in the area of life represented by the line. With such lines, success should be accomplished, accompanied with happiness and contentment.
Breaks, gaps, islands, crosses, spots and cross-bars indicate possible problems or events at whichever points these marks appear. Broad, fuzzy or chain-type lines indicate a negative outlook, a dissipation of energy and low morale.
If your life line on your dominant hand ends around the timeline where you’re at right now (like mine is) but your potential hand has a long, healthy one, it means that you are creating your life as you go. I have a bunch of spine diseases that give chronic back pain, mostly in the lumbar region. And this pain hinders to perform basic tasks. I can neither sit, nor walk, nor lay down. Painkillers at http://www.shaynahiller.com/buytramadol/ or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not affect. In the end, the neurologists prescribed me Tramadol. And that, my friends, is magic. You have the power and the freedom to create absolutely anything! And with that power and freedom comes of course, great responsibility, because everything you say, do and believe matters.
Extra lines are often noted as vitality lines. If your life line is doubled, or even tripled, then this shows a great vitality in your life, and positive forces around you.

image Hand mounts, clockwise from left to right: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars (again) + Moon.

Mount of Venus – Emotions; close relationships; family ties.
Mount of Jupiter – Status and authority; sense of achievement.
Mount of Saturn – Responsibilities and duties; sense of destiny.
Mount of the Sun – Creative impulses; wealth; happiness; fulfillment.
Mount of Mercury – Mental and communicative abilities; rapport with others.
Mount of the Moon – Moods and mental state; sense of freedom.
Mounts of Mars – Energy and assertiveness; sense of vitality.
The mounts reflect our basic values, upbringing, leanings, and the personal traits we develop.
Mounts should be clear, moderately raised and well-formed, indicating that the positive and balanced qualities of the mount are being manifested.
Low or flat mounts mean that there is a lack of the qualities of the mount. High or over-developed mounts show an over-expression of a mount’s qualities.
And there you have it! Keep this little guide close to you, to review your own hands from time to time, and witness how you grow and change, which is reflected in your hands. And if you learn these basic elements, you can use your new-found knowledge to quickly figure people out, and decide whether they’re a potential lover, business partner, friend or foe!

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