I am so often asked, how do I know when it’s time to leave a place. How do I know it’s time to go? How do I make my decision?
I love this question because it is directly connected to me listening to my intuition. I make all of my decisions based on my connection to soul, (you can find out more about how I connect to Soul in THIS VIDEO) intuition, and how I FEEL. Being a gypsy is very much feeling orientated.
I like to say that I know because the north wind blows and I am compelled to listen and obey. However, this wind that I speak of is more of an internal sensation and a push to move, than a physical wind that’s blowing. It’s a feeling within me that’s akin to the wind.
In my life, I don’t make set plans, rather, I create commitments for myself that I choose to fulfil and complete in the space that I am in at that time, and then wait to find out what is to happen next. This gives my life a lot of space and flexibility to co-create with the forces and powers that Be. Either, Life will give me reason to stay in one place, or it will send me in a new direction. It is easy to set yourself up in one place in life and to get really comfortable, but if that sense of security and comfort is stunting your personal growth then it’s diminished your possibilities rather than expanding them.
You don’t have to leave the place you live in order to travel. Being a gypsetter isn’t limited to life on the road, rather, it is a metaphor for a way if life which is constantly moving and in the flow. So long as you are able to see your world with fresh and new eyes every single day, and be open to new experiences and the wonderment of life, then you are a gypsy in your own way. As long as you don’t allow your life to become stagnant, as long as you remain curious, connected and enlivened you can listen to the wind and let it guide you to undiscovered corners of your heart, soul, city or village.
For me, I am compelled to grow, blossom and expand by wandering across the soils of this gorgeous planet. I am just made that way. And I know when it’s time to leave because I feel it.
Generally, what I discern is a sense of discomfort, that things aren’t quite right anymore. The flow of life has ceased to move in any particular direction, the colours that were once bright and shining appear misty, my body feels discontented and yearns for that sense of freedom that comes from being in the places between. My body is always a reliable signal, it ALWAYS tells me where I’m at with pretty much everything. If my body is unsettled, I always ask it what the root cause of this sensation is, and once I’ve ruled out any other options I recognise that it’s simply telling me that it hears the north wind calling to move on. Kind of like the sirens like to call sailors from their slumber, the north wind ensures that my gypsy nature remains fulfilled.
It is at the times that I feel the wind blowing most strongly, that I make sure I deeply connect with my Soul and intuition or inner guide and commune with it in order to gain a sense of direction. I’ll meditate and ask if I am being called to lands unexplored and what insight I can be given to make my decision clear. Again, this all occurs within a FEELING field. If the idea of moving feels sweet, gentle, blissful and full of grace and ease, then I know that the winds have spoken. If the idea of moving onto new destinations gives me an uncomfortable grating sensation, a field of resistance of some sort, then I know that there is something else going on and it’s best for me to stay and be still where I am right now.
Once I have recognised that the time has come to follow my gypsy feet again, then I need to get clear on which direction I’m heading. I cannot read the future or tell you exactly what’s going to happen next but I can feel what direction my intuition is guiding me towards and often I also receive intuitive thoughts or images about what’s going on around me that affects the decisions that I am making. How to decide where to go, will follow in a post very soon.

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