I love using astrology to find auspicious dates to release things and work on programs, eBooks and projects. This is exactly how I’m planning the launch and roll-out of my upcoming Gypset Mindset course.
I find that using the moon and starts gives an excellent guide to the energetic undercurrents that are testing and guiding us, and love the mystical feel of being connected to the Universe like this.
There are 3 main principles.
Starting your own business / a new project / signing a new contract?
Don’t do it now. Not at all. Not ever.
This specific astrological principle can be the difference between a business/project/contract that has drive and momentum as if flying ahead on its own; and one that limps along like a tortoise with a broken foot.
Three times a year for a period of three weeks the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards against the backdrop of the zodiac. The next one is: June 7–July 2, 2014.
Mercury is associated with communications (marketing, branding and PR), negotiations, contracts, trading, commerce, products and sales. When Mercury is retrograde there is a much higher chance of wasted efforts, misinterpretations, and very slow forward progress.
See this Mercury Retrograde calendar where you will find all of the Mercury retrograde periods through 2015. Mark them on your calendar to keep you aware. This is the first astrological principle you must know for creating and über-successful life and business.
Principle 2: USING NEW MOONS.
Clearly there are auspicious times and perfectly horrible times to start your business / a new project / sign a contract and so on.
Learning to understand the two phases of the Moon’s monthly cycle, will give you an advantage when it comes to beginning anything new, especially any new business initiative—a successful launch, marketing campaign or new product.
Simply watch the moon.
Approximately every 28 days, the moon moves through two phases:
Waxing Moon >> for two weeks it appears to be waxing (growing)
Waning Moon >> for two weeks it appears to be waning (shrinking).
Pay attention to the moon as a reliable indicator of either the growth or the challenges that you encounter in your life or business. While the moon is waxing, it is a time of activation, while waning it is a time of retraction.
Based on these two moon cycles, it’s best to start any initiative you need to make, just after any New Moon. Imagine as you watch the moon grow, you can see your business grow as well. As the moon wanes take stock of your progress, make adjustments, rest up to take up initiatives again with the next new moon.
How does this work?
We know that the moon influences the tides of all of the water on earth. We ourselves are composed of water—85% of our brain, 80% of our blood and 70% of our muscle is water. Water moves in a wave action. The rhythm of the tides in the oceans is exactly like your breathing. Tide in. Tide out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
Your life and business has a similar cycle whether you recognize it or not.
Place the new moon and full moon dates into you calendar to help guide you. I personally use this app, which puts all notable astrological action into my calendar for me.
Each New Moon appears in one of the four elements.
They go in the following sequential order:
Earth (Capricorn) – January
Air (Aquarius) – February
Water (Pisces) – March
Fire (Aries) – April
And then Earth again, and so on. Can’t figure it out yourself? Let me help:
Earth (Taurus) – May
Air (Gemini) – June
Water (Cancer) – July
Fire (Leo) – August
Earth (Virgo) – September
Air (Libra) – October
Water (Scorpio) – November
Fire (Saggitarius) – December
How can we apply this knowledge to an über-successful life and business? Wouldn’t you like to know….
Ha! Just teasing! Like this:
When the New Moon appears in a Fire sign; the two week period that follow is the best time of the year to initiate any sort of action.
Focus on the “spiritual health” of your life and business. Look ahead to your future goals and vision, re-evaluate your focus and mission; introduce new products or services; travel to see clients face to face; schedule on-line conference calls, and build your audience or fan base.
When the New Moon appears in an Earth sign; the two week period that follows is the best time of the year to manifest and develop planned actions.
Focus on the physical health of your life and business—accounting, organizational structure and process, in-house efficiency, investments, health care issues, existing products and services, project schedules, purchasing products, materials or services, buying or selling real estate, signing agreements about brick and mortar offices or store-fronts, maintain or repair of facilities, product delivery, shipping services and scheduling contractors.
When the New Moon appears in an Air sign; the two week period that follows is the best time of the year to communicate and inspire.
Focus on the mental health of your life and business—administrative (emails, scheduling events especially on line conferences), team building, group brainstorming, promotional activities, computer purchases, launch your new website, social networking, public relations, writing, speaking, or training, legal matters, negotiations and contracts, marketing strategies, print collaterals and publishing.
When the New Moon appears in a Water sign; the two week period that follow, is the best times of the year to heal and regroup.
Focus on the emotional health valtrexmeds.com of your life and business—human resources, hiring, firing, issues of power dynamics. You want a team of adults working toward the same goal, with the aid of creative arts, so plan team retreats, group coaching, process work or training, or staff training during this time. Address issues of an emotional nature, take leaves of absence, sabbaticals, long weekends and initiate flextime.
And that, my gypset sister, is how I create my life and business using the glorious sky above filled with starry lights, to make it all jam for me, in a way to flows, feels right and in tune with the heavens.
Tra la la!

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