An unconventional, bohemian approach to life.
Characterized by an enchanting exoticism and down-to-earth ease.
One who is gypset (a portmanteau word: the wiles of a gypsy mixed with the sophistication of the jet set.)
Gypset is a modern nomadic lifestyle, where your love and appreciation for the world and all of life translates into a multifaceted travel experience. This can show up in a myriad of ways: some gypsetters travel real slow, spending even a few years in each place, whereas others move around the globe at a quick pace; some continuously move, slowly traversing the planet; and others have a secure home base which they leave for many months each year. Some of us are self-employed; some of us take on short term gigs; and many of us are multi-passionate, involved in a wide range of different things. Gypsetters like to have their sweetly sticky little fingers in many pies! It comes with the territory.
Gypsetters are always very creative, have an infinite longing for freedom, and to live their lives on their own terms. They believe in the the bohemian morale of truth, beauty, freedom and above all love.
You know you are gypset, when you love to take risks, really wanting to experience not just the length, but the breadth of life. It is the deep yearning for wanting to experience every single drop of life possible, that stir and embolden the gypset. Gypset is a lifestyle guided by spirit more than sense, following your heart over your head and holding faith that above all, life will take you exactly where you need to be. Always.

You Know You’re A Gypsetter When…

☮ Every day is an adventure, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
☮ You love fashion, music, art, writing, dancing, singing and all things beautiful.
☮ You release your fears to the unknown, have no expectations for the future and carry yourself in the directions of your dreams, no matter what.
☮ You carry the nomadic spirit deep with in you, which compels you to explore the surface and the depths of your life experience, on this planet we call Earth.
☮ Attachment to material possessions is merely a superficial joy. You recognise that you are so much more than your belongings.
☮ You have a refined sense of self, and bring something very unique to the world, wherever you go.
☮ Every single item you treasure holds a story of lands once crossed and loves once found + lost.
☮ Family is not only those that you are related to by blood, but also those who you encounter and recognise a soul connection with.
☮ You have the gift of charm and people love you.
☮ All you have is faith in your spirit and love in your heart.
☮ Social norms have no stronghold over you and you have chosen to live your life, your way.
☮ You love learning languages, listening to people speak is music to your ears.
☮ Making an income has become part of your travels and lifestyle. You can make money anywhere you go.
☮ You have a clear inventory of belongings you love and need. They all fit into a couple of bags. The rest is neatly packed away or has been given away a long time ago.
☮ Technology and the Internet play a vital role in your life. You marvel sweetly at the fact that nature, nurture and technology come together like a Capella symphony in your life.
☮ You have an endless sense of curiosity and wonder for the world.
☮ The roads less travelled are the ones that call your name.
☮ You love meeting new people and refuse to say goodbye. It’s always “until next time!”.
☮ You fall in love easily but are also wise enough to know that attachment is fortuitous. Love is free. You can love without possession.
☮ Your heart and soul soars every time you are in the place between places. You are free and wild in the space without a name.

☮ For you, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


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