I love the process of preparing delicious food, that’s bursting with life-giving nutrients, especially for the people that I love (including myself). I also love getting creative in the kitchen and am the queen of making magic with market-day remnants. Not only that, but traveling tends to be quite stressful on the body, which means that I have learnt to pay very special attention on my nutrition, and what I am placing into my body, in order to stay balanced, grounded and healthy.
In this recipe book I’ve pulled together some of my favorite simple recipes that I have either made or learnt on my travels, and infused them with stories from my wayfaring, to give you a solid guide to easy meals that you can take care of yourself with, no matter where you are.
Since we live in the digital age, The Gypset Recipe Book is an eBook, which means that you can access it from your smart phone, computer or tablet any time you like. Or, you can print it out and keep it at hand on your kitchen counter, to inspire your culinary creations. I had my copy printed and bound at my local printers and love leafing through it from time to time, or showing it off to friends when they come around. Click HERE to buy.

  • 75 pages of brightly photographed colorful recipes, taking you from ingredients to completion.
  • Clean, lean, easy to make meals that are so full of nutrition, they won’t leave you any room for wanting to sneak a naughty treat in for later on.
  • 33 different recipes for any time of the day, be it salad for one; or roasted veggies for many.
  • 7 different types of green smoothies, to start your day off right; + 1 recipe that’ll teach how to make your own base of almond milk.
  • All the recipes are sugar free, gluten free, allergen free + packed full of natural, whole foods.
  • 10 various salads, that will satiate even the hungriest, most carnivorous of friends + loved ones.
  • 6 exotic side dishes, easy to make + sure to impress.
  • 9 sweet treats that’ll blow your cotton socks off, combining a through-the-roof health factor with absolutely decadent yumminess.
  • An endless host of travel stories and anecdotes that explain where I found, last had or learnt each recipe, that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • A 9 page glossary, that gives you an insight of the nutritional benefits the main foods used throughout The Gypset Recipe Book.
  • A digital eBook that you can take and refer to anywhere, anytime from your tablet (it looks especially lovely in the iPad).

Invest in The Gypset Recipe for only $24 by clicking HERE, which will take you thought to my digital publishing program Sellfy, who will process you payment and give you instant access to your very own copy of The Gypset Recipe Book.



“Well, my mum said, “tell her she’s a very clever girl!!” Haha! We had your quinoa warm salad yesterday, and the blue cheese walnut one the other day, oh my gaaaaaawd so gooood! That was the best thing ever Vienda x”


MARINA AVETISYAN | Singer + Songwriter

“I met Vienda about a year ago which felt like totally natural and organic flow that was meant to happen. From the first moment I was absolutely blown away by her wonderful, loving, giving, kind and sweetest ever nature.She is one of the most inspiring and beautiful beings I’ve ever had the joy of meeting who gives and loves unconditionally and it is felt in what she offers to her readers (and to everyone really)!

Her beautiful qualities translate effortlessly into the pages of this inspiring book, that can leave you excited about creating simple and nourishing meals and take you on an adventurous journey around the world! The jazzy combinations of ingredients will fill your heart with music and make you scream : Yes. Yes, yes!!’ Louder and louder as you flick through the pages.

I know that like me, you will appreciate their simple and earthy divinity.

Delicious, simple and healthy – this food will make you fall in love with life! Love!!!!”


IEVA WILDLOVEBEAMER | Partner Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga + Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

“This book is for anyone whose heart sings when you prepare dinner for somebody. First, I was prescribed NSAIDs, but it did not help me (it did not relieve the pain and relief lasted only for 3-4 hours). The surgeon wrote me a prescription for Tramadol and I did not have much hope. Thankfully, when I took it, the pain disappeared for 20 hours, as described at http://www.shaynahiller.com/buytramadol/. For anyone whose natural tendency to show their love is by making some colourful, healthy and super tasty dinner.

A must have on your iPad when travelling for sure. Perfect for those occasions when a kind family offers their guest room and as a thank you, you want to make a love charged dinner.

For anyone who has a travelling gypsy spirit, physically travelling or not. Simple tasty recipes, mouth watering pictures & so so soooo much love put in this book. I cannot wait to try all of these recipes out! Definitely my favourite recipe book. You are a super gypset heroine. The world wouldn’t be as tasty without you!”


GINGI MEDINA | Creative Consultant, Stylist + Fashion Designer

“WOW!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes YES!

Ahh Vienda, you never cease to amaze me and how talented and beautifully you bring things unto this . How lucky we are to have such an expressive and lovely human being gracing us with her ideas and love gestures!

Can’t wait to give my first recipe a try!”


KATIE HEDGES | Thrive + Shine 

“I just knew your recipes would be wholesome, healthy, delicious, loving & deeply nourishing for body + soul and didn’t want to miss out on all that goodness! Well done you, the recipes are wonderful.

The Hot Mexican Chilli Cacao calls to me, as do all the salads…oh and the Raw Brownie! x x”


CORA GEROUX | Yoga & Meditation Teacher + Writer

“I feel like the Gypset Recipe Book was created just for me! It’s the perfect combination of simple, delicious and healthy recipes.

I absolutely love food, but since I started my own business I find my time in the kitchen has decreased dramatically. I am so grateful to have this little gem of a book on hand for those moments when I am feeling uninspired or less than prepared.

Vienda’s unique flavor combinations and knack for healthy indulgences satisfied my sweet & savory cravings without compromising my sensitive tummy. LOVE!”

Just click HERE, buy a copy of The Gypset Recipe Book, and enjoy. I love hearing from you, so make sure you tweet about it, tag me on your Facebook comments and Instagram the hell out of your own creations. Remember to tag me @viendam, so I can share the Gypset Recipe love with other readers too. And if you have some praise or any troubles (please check your spam folder first if you can’t find your copy) please feel free to email me at studio@viendamaria.com.

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