I’m digging deep for the words that I can’t yet express in full. Because it’s too soon to fully grasp what’s happening right now. All I know is there’s some big and magical changes in the air right now. (Did you see that full moon eclipse?! Like, woah!)
So let’s rewind, to when this all began.
In the last week of March, it was decision time again: Where shall I plant my gypset feet next?
I needed somewhere calm; somewhere quiet; somewhere I could focus on a really big project that I’m slowly working on. A project that’s taking more time and energy than I originally imagined. Something that’s going to be so jam-packed full of beautiful inspiration, tools and support for you, that it will blow you away. Not to mention an amazing community of like-minded souls to share and grow with!
It’s an 8 week course called the Gypset Mindset which will help you carve out a semi-nomadic lifestyle of your own by overcoming all those fears, changing your mindset to allow magic and miracles, as well as practical support and advice for your journeys.
So, I really need to knuckle down. As I intend to get this baby out to you by the 1st of June.
Which brings me back to my last few weeks in India. I had a choice: Europe; Thailand; or Australia. And to be honest, the answer was simple. It always is when you use your intuition to guide you.
Australia had been calling since Christmas. My mum lives in Noosa. I hadn’t seen her since I left 2 months shy of 2 years ago. And I could just feel that spending time with her is really important right now.
As well as being the perfect space in which to create my baby: The Gypset Mindset course.
So here I am. And oh-am-I-so-delighted to be here!
I’m giving myself until next Monday to get used to my new home, and organised, before I get stuck deep into my creative-cave to bring this incredible program to life.
In the meantime, shortly before my flights, I discovered that I have been nominated for the WC – Best Australian Blogs: People’s Choice. (Hoorah! How exciting.)
And given that it’s People’s Choice (as in you), I need your help. I would be over-the-eclipsed-moon-delighted if you would vote for me!
This is how:
1. Click through on this link –> right here.
2. Scroll down to the ‘Vote Here’ button and click on it.
3. Find my name ‘Vienda Maria’, tick the box, and then follow the instructions to complete the vote.
From the very bottom of my gypset feet, I am so grateful for you help. And if we win, there’ll be dancing and ice cream. And of course live gypsy-jazz to celebrate!
To get you really excited and delighted about life and stuff, guess what’s happening next week… On Monday to be exact?!
A mega-amazing give-away right here on www.viendamaria.com worth over $800! With amazing prizes from incredible people all around the world, like this:
Oh yes! This is going to be FUN!

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