Last night when I came home from yoga, I called a very dear, sweet, close friend of mine, who I know since we were tiny little 20 year old uni students. It’s the first time we had spoken in 2 years, since I saw her last in Sydney.
She confided in me this: a few months ago, she’d had a physical and mental breakdown. And I could hear in her voice the utter despair and difficulty she was having, building herself back up.
“I just take it moment by moment. Hour by hour. That’s the best I can do.” she says to me. “And I just can’t get out of my head!”. I can hear the sadness, the frustration and the disappointment in her voice.
Our masculine “push, force, strive, make-it-happen” disconnected society is slowly falling apart, to reveal a much sweeter, kinder, more loving world, which we are all creating by making better choices, every single day.
But the sensitive souls, like my darling friend here, are feeling the breaks stronger than others. So what can I do? I can help and support her through her own personal journey.
Dedicated to this gorgeous young woman, I give to you:

The Gypset Guide To Getting Out Of Your Head {+ Back Into Your Heart}

There are three parts to this Gypset guide series:
Part 1. Understand + Remove The Cause.
Part 2. Get Into Your Body + Develop New Habits.
Part 3. Eliminate The Triggers + Integrate.
Today we will start at the beginning: Part 1. Understand + Remove The Cause.
Trying to get out of your head is a waste of time. You know why? Cause you can’t stop THINKING by THINKING about it! It’s a bit catch 22. Or chicken and egg.
The trick is, to focus on something completely different. To do something and focus somewhere that’s completely ‘out of your head’. You know where that is?
In your body.
The opposite of analysing the present moment and projecting the past into the future is experiencing the present moment. It’s FEELING the moment rather than trying to deconstruct the moment. So, the question isn’t really ‘How do I get out of my head?’
It’s actually focussing on ‘How do I experience the present moment?’
Then we need to look into why you’re spending all your valuable time, in that tiny little space sitting in too of our bodies, that we like to call our head. So, what are you doing up there?
The answer is simple: you THINK you need to be.
You’ve learnt that achieving what you want to achieve is only done. By analysing and thinking your way through, rather than just experiencing. And you’ve forgotten to trust that experiential process.
Usually this happens when you are trying to be something different, something else to who you truly are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in your head analysing the situation. You’d just be in the moment, feeling and experiencing and living your life on your terms doing what you love.
Which means now you’ve got to find your way back home; back to yourself.
Which I’ll share with you next time.
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