Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional...

We are sitting on my sofa in Brighton. It’s autumn, the leaves are turning crispier and we are playing @werenotreallystrangers when I pick the card that reads “What about me intrigues you?” I turn to her, curious about what she will say. She thinks for a moment and replied “How you run a business and stay so gentle and feminine. How do you do it?” “I have no idea…” I respond… “I’m not sure what you mean?” 

Anna is a past client turned-friend and also my trusted business advisor. “The way that you run your business is not taught… Trust-led, heart-led, intuitive, present, intentional.” She answers thoughtfully. “How do you do it?” I have to think about it. I don’t have a roadmap or a blueprint or a concise linear answer. It’s more of a feeling that runs through my body that I allow to guide me.

Slowly I reply.

“It’s kind of simple, really. I have five specific guiding points that drive my business. They are:

  1. Creativity. My work has to be a creative outlet for me. I need to let the energy flow through me for my work to feel meaningful and worthwhile to me.
  2. Expressive. My work has to act as an extension of who I am. It is through the integrity of authentic self-expression that I connect to my potential clients and audience.
  3. Channel. I view my work to be a channel for the messages that run through me. I am ever-evolving, learning, growing and so my work is a platform for me to share that journey with my community.
  4. Value and money. The money I make is an indicator of the value I give. It’s not about trading time and energy for money but rather value. When something provides high value I am highly renumerated for it.
  5. Ease. I know I’m going in the right direction when there are grace and ease. The moment I feel pushed, contracted or constricted, or tense in some way, I pull back. I’m always following this sense of fluidity and ease and guidance on what my strategy and path are.

And to make those five guiding points work I have two commitments:

  1. Show up to my work every day. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be as mundane as replying to emails or as exciting as working on a new project. The point is that I show up every single day and meet my work right where it is. I am devoted to the act of being here and offering myself to be the vehicle through which the work comes.
  2. Tune in and listen. Everything I do is somehow guided by something bigger and wiser than me. Whenever I am unsure of what my next step is, I stop, tune in, and listen. This means large parts of my work actually looks like me sitting quietly, or walking, or dancing, or focusing on something else until I moved forward into inspired action.

Does that make sense?”

“It does…” she replied, “but no-on teaches exactly how this works. Maybe you should create a course on it.” We laugh and carry on with our game.

Several months later, Anna calls me from France. “I would really like it if you taught how you run your business.” I smile. “I’ll do it. But you have to tell me exactly what you want me to teach.”

Within a few weeks, I received more signs. Messages that read things like…

Witnessing how you lead your life and business is always a great reminder that things can be done differently. Thanks for sharing so much with us!

I love how you use your intuition to guide your days. That you work with the energy of the seasons, days of the week, what your spirit calls you to do on each day.  You are able to live with authenticity and be your true self. I’m sure there are days you have tasks you must do and perhaps don’t look forward to, or don’t have the energy for and have to power through. But overall it just seems like you’ve found a rhythm and a flow to your days that keeps you grounded, happy, and true to yourself. That’s what I’m seeking.

We want to learn how to build a business model similar to yours, energetically. Also, how do you discover your passion or your unique gifts in the world?

HER WAY — The Women’s Business Training, was born.

We begin: Monday 1st March

4 live calls held every Wednesday at 5 pm GMT

Delivery: 4-week training

☽ Weekly live & recorded calls
☽ Worksheets, templates & examples
☽ Online community

Training cost: £150

25 spaces left


For more information, and register for the live training, click here.


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