her wealth

the women’s money training

5 weeks. 4 live classes. 1 accountability partner.
& a community of women from around the world, just like you.

enrolments close: Sunday, February 25

starting: Tuesday, February 27

investment: £150

are you ready to change the way you feel about money?

You are a woman of lofty dreams, ambition and grace. And… sometimes, there’s this thing… This thing that feels like it should be a little thing but it’s a big thing. A really big thing, that just seems to dismantle you when things should be going great.


Money. Money. Money. Money.

Why does ‘money’ sometimes feel like a curse word? Why can it leave an aftertaste of anxiety, dread and uncertainty? What are we doing with it? What is the game plan here?

Ultimately, what we need to do is to re-write the economic rules we have set for ourselves.

Live Class One — Change how you feel about money

The first class addresses the core root of the following:
  • Living in fear of ‘never having enough’
  • Feeling insecure about the future
  • Spending everything you have
  • Never being able to save

Live Class TwoChange how you think about money

The second class helps you stop limiting how much money you have: 
  • Address your scarcity thinking
  • Stop thinking that wanting money is ‘bad’ or ‘greedy’
  • Choose a ‘wealth perception’
  • Discover your wealth actions

Live Class ThreeLearn how to ask for and get more money

The third class is about expanding your access to more wealth:
  • Assess your value to determine your worth
  • Know how much money is ‘enough’ money
  • Choose your income streams
  • Start to receive more

Live Class FourLearn how to have more and keep more money

The fourth and final class teaches smart financial practices:
  • Commit to building your ‘fuck off fund’
  • Find the balance between having ‘more’ & ‘less’
  • Eliminate debt & create savings
  • Make financial goals
join her wealth now

the women’s money training

5 weeks. 4 live classes. 1 accountability partner.
& a community of women from around the world, just like you.

enrolments close: Sunday, February 25

starting: Tuesday, February 27

investment: £150

what to expect

  • 4 x 60-minute live calls every Tuesday across March at 7 pm London time

  • replays sent out within 24 hours in case you can’t make the time

  • self-study tasks to complete in your own time

  • an accountability partner to share with


Tuesday, Feb 27 — Orientation Week
  • Receive your first email with pre-course homework, community access, live call access details and your accountability partner allocation
Tuesday, Mar 5 — Live Class One
  • Change how you feel about money
Tuesday, Mar 12 — Live Class Two
  • Change how you think about money
Tuesday, Mar 19 — Live Class Three
  • Learn how to ask for and get more money
Tuesday, Mar 26 — Live Class Four
  • Learn how to have more and keep more money


Kind words from past students

This course allowed me to open myself back up to my creativity becasue I felt less stressed about money and had some really clear tangible next steps that I was going to take. This gave me back the space to focus on creating and building my business with the right energy instead of coming from a place of lack. LOVED this course!

After the money course, I felt much more relaxed and in control of my relationship with money. The lessons helped me to feel clear on some immediate things I could do to help with my finances. I also learned how to decide on a rough income goal which gave me peace knowing what I was aiming for based on my desired lifestyle. Before this, I had just been in denial about my goals for income.

Before beginning Vienda’s money course I would avoid even looking at my finances. As I worked through the course peeling away all my mental blocks about money I began to understand where this lack mentality came from. I am now able to approach my finances confidently and gratefully. I am thrilled I discovered Vienda and her amazing work. Thank you Vienda!

Coming from Eastern Europe I practically grew up in “survival mode” surrounded by constant fear of lack. It was how my parents functioned, and their parents and probably their parents before them… you get the idea :) So, with a background like that, my main issue is my constant worry about money, my ‘lack mentality’, fear of spending, guilt about spending on “indulgences” or anything that’s not a necessity. As a result, I became perpetually stressed out and worried about money which started overflowing into other areas of my life. All the exercises have been so useful and I enjoyed doing them, even though is sometimes hard to face certain things. I’ve especially been enjoying doing my money-love list, I have been doing it every day and it’s helping me see that money is constantly flowing into my life! Before I only used to keep track of the money going out – no wonder I was stressed out all the time! :) Your course helped me change my outlook and I couldn’t be happier!

Money has always been my number one fear throughout my life, so I have done a lot of work around it to understand what was going on. But, even if I had unearthed a lot of beliefs and patterns over the past years, I recently started to feel like I had to up-level on that front again. I felt like I was in a cage and that even if I was good enough with money: having a solid business and savings, I knew that there were still a burden and limitations around it that were preventing me from moving further. That’s when I signed up for the course. Once I finished it, I felt clearer about the thoughts that were limiting my life and business. That clarity is helping me now to make better decisions. I also feel lighter! It’s like I could touch the potential this new way of relating to money can bring! I know that I need to keep watching my patterns of thought and behaviour around money, but the biggest difference Affluent made to my life is that I now understand those thoughts and have the ability and tools to “catch” them and stop them, so they don’t run the show.

I’ve done lots of money mindset work, so before I started this money course I was kinda thinking that I didn’t need to buy a course on it because I’ve studied this a lot. Yet, I also recognized that as I’ve grown my business, I might have gotten a little careless with money. I love Vienda, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m halfway through the course and already two amazing things have happened. After doing the first few lessons and naming how much money I wanted to bring in, I quickly and easily got a new unexpected 5k client! Then when doing the section on bills, I said to my man, “Maybe there’s a way to reduce the bills.” At that moment, I went to the post to discover a letter from the bank saying my monthly mortgage would be reduced by $100 a month along with a check for $311 as a refund for overpayment.  It’s a reminder that where I put my attention will grow. Money CAN come to me from unexpected sources at any moment. Isn’t that a lovely way to think about money? 

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