If we want our lives to change, we have to get uncomfortable. That means going through the uncomfortable process of changing our thoughts, our mindset, our beliefs, our limitations, and what we think we are capable of doing and achieving.
It also means surrendering to uncomfortable emotions, experiences and of course, other things.
For example:
Heart-break hurts. It’s incredibly uncomfortable. Often we resist and avoid it at all costs. And yet heart-break is the cornerstone of every great thing. The best songs and poetry were written from heart-break. The most transformational decisions are made out of heart-break. Our lives become a song of pain and renewal in those times when our souls are silently crying. And those moments are definitively life-changing.
Yoga is hard. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t doing it properly. We move and squeeze and stretch and push and pull ourselves into various poses and then hold them until we feel really uncomfortable. And then we hold them a little longer. Because it’s in the discomfort that our bodies change; that we release and become more flexible, stronger, deeper, more connected with our souls.
Loneliness confronts. Most of us avoid being alone – because it’s scary – because it’s really uncomfortable. We fill our days, and time and spaces with people, events and things and thoughts we don’t really need. Those times that we feel completely alone in the world, are the moments we see our truth. From that space of truth we observe what lights us up and uplifts our souls; and what pains us and pulls us down. For the discomfort of aloneness manifests self-love and acceptance.
Travel equals risk. Every time we step we step into a car; an aeroplane, and step out in a foreign place, our hearts beat a defenceless rhythm to the awkwardness of unknown perils. Those exact threats of the wild unknown are what grow us into something stronger, wiser, and self-assured.
Creating what matters beckons vulnerability. The creative process is incurably defeating and vulnerability is at the heart of your unique brand of magic. Nothing is of value if it hasn’t arisen from the depths of courage. And courage is only prevalent in spaces where there is fear. This fear, this discomfort is the driving force for creating things that change the world.
Pursuing our real work is treacherous. Sweat will roll down your body, tears will burst forth from your eyes, and your heart will sing a melody of fear, grace and relief when you do your real work. showing up, in your truth, with nothing to hide and everything to lose is the discomfort of undertaking your soul purpose. Admitting what you truly dream to gift and share of yourself in this world, leaves you exhaling uncertainty. As all big dreams start in a pool of impossibility.
Inherently, we human beings have been designed to be lazy. We are resourceful at extending the least possible amount of effort and energy, because we are tailored to preserve our energy, to survive. But this survival instinct doesn’t serve us. Being lazy and avoiding inner and outer growth; expanding our self-awareness is how we evolve as beings, and as a society.
We cannot embody our full potential, without getting exquisitely uncomfortable. We cannot thrive in abundance, success, love and self-expression. We cannot override the instinct to merely survive, when we stay comfortable.
How willing are you to get uncomfortable? Do you really want your life to change? It’s in this discomfort, where you are set free…

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