I remember my very first crush / kiss. I was 12. My baby sister and I were running around in the playground of the alternative-hippy school my mama had chosen for us.
There was this new boy. I don’t remember his name. Somehow, we had begun an undeclared game of “catch me if you can”. I ran. He chased. It was really fun. When he finally caught me (I was fast), he wildly pressed his lips against mine, for a split-second, and then disappeared.
I was stunned. I didn’t really know what just happened. But it felt exciting and exhilarating. And I was pretty sure it meant that we were in love.
The next time I saw him, wasn’t at school. It was at the farmers markets. And while our mothers chatted, I tried to strike up conversation. He kissed me, remember. So that meant he loved me. Yet, instead of revealing his feelings for me, he said something crude and mean, the way that only 12-year-old boys can. I was devastated.
I was heart-broken for a whole 10 minutes.
I remember that story, because it left a strong impression on me. It was my very first romantic interaction. But it left me wondering:
How do we find love?
Love, being the ultimate, intimate expression of ones self in relation to another, and yet something that we can’t control, or make, or create, by ourselves.
If there is one question that I am asked in emails from sweet strangers who stumble upon my space in the cyber-sphere it’s this one:
How do I ask the universe for love?”
In short, the answer is this: Open your heart to the universe and say:
Now, I am ready. Bring me love. The kind of love that is good, and sweet and honest.
But often, there’s more to that, isn’t there?
There’s the secret belief of “maybe I’m unlovable”, there’s the urban myth that “all the good ones are gone” and there’s an even deeper, hidden context: the fear that they might never come.
Hence, in long, the answer is this:
Once you have asked for love, let it go. Release the need, the want, the hopes, the expectations. Just let go. This simple act will set you free.
And then, joyfully, do the things that make you feel loved and happy. Make you, your priority. Bring love into your life, through your choices and actions.
Go dancing, meet new people, snuggle with your cats, tenderly watch your little ones grow, plant some herbs, decorate your hallway, start a new job, book a flight to New York or Bangkok, plan a workshop, write a letter, learn an instrument, tell a story, cut your hair, share a picnic.
Stop focusing on wanting love. And instead focus on the love you have, and how you can increase and expand it.
When the universe sees that you have already harnessed the power of love in your life, adding more love to your life is easy. You ask, by bearing witness to the love that exists in your world. Because love always attracts more love.
I teach exactly how to manifest love with the help of the universe in my 8 week course: Manifest More. You’ll learn the 6-step Manifest More formula in the very first week, and then in the third week, I share examples of how this formula is applied to manifesting love.
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