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how I make 50% of my income (it might not be how you think)

One of the things that changed my life the most was changing my perspective. When I started to see the benefit, the gift, the lesson, the growth in the challenges that life gives us, when I decided that life was happening for me, not to me, I really started loving it. In 2014 I took those tools and experiences and turned them into a course. I made £10k from it in the first year I ran it.


In 2017 I created two more courses on topics that dramatically shifted my life. One on clearing the subconscious blocks and beliefs that stop us from living out the expansion possible for all of us. Another on how to live an intuitive life. Both of them were made up of media files adding up to less than 2 hours and were so fulfilling to make. I was finally able to teach core topics that my clients and readers asked me about in an accessible and effective way. They made me around £15k the first time I ran them.


Since then I’ve made several other courses that continue to bring my best personal life lessons and teachings to the people who need them and in return bring in income including Affluent, Her Way and more. Now, online digital courses make up at least 50% of my income.


The Heartful Biz, originally a live 2-day workshop in London presented with my delightful friend Claire was turned into an online course when our collective audiences around the world repeatedly asked if there was a way they could take the course too. It has been such a fun offering with well over 200 women learning how to run and grow heart-led businesses in the ways that we do it, from us.


After years of being asked “how do you make online courses?” last year Claire came and stayed with me in Brighton for a few days and to film everything we know on the topic and across 4 hours, 4 video modules, a pre-course workbook plus accompanying practical templates & resources, we teach you how to develop, create & sell your own online course. As we say on the course information page: we have successfully created & sold over 12 digital courses between us across the past 6 years. These online courses have become our main sources of income. And we just love creating them. Now we show you how we do it.


Your Own Online Course is the sister program to our popular digital workshop The Heartful Biz. Together, they’re a real treat and we’re offering a special bundle price if you decide to enrol in both. (We think this is a great idea!)


Enrolments close at the end of May (in 7 days from today.)


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