truth. intuition is pure and simple truth.
Learning to hear it, to grasp it and act on it is something we are all challenged to do.
Some people have a stronger connection with their intuition and are able to act upon it directly, almost impulsively whereas others are still learning to feel it willowing, adding breezy additions to your life. It is simply a practise, something that we all pertain to and possess, but like everything, the more you use it the stronger and better it becomes.
The following discussion on twitter inspired a sharing of how intuition appears for me, as each and everyone is quite distinct and unique.

I remember a time in my late teens when I decided I wanted to listen to my intuition, to hear it more clearly, stronger. It was in making the decision, simply choosing and wanting and being open to hearing my intuition that it grew and blossomed into the wise councillor to my life that it is now. Much like a queen may have a court of advisors I hold court with my intuition on every decision I make.
So firstly, you have to decide that you want to listen to your intuition. Decide and commit to the decision by being aware of it. Even if right now, all it is, is a small tiny feather like inkling in one part of you. It will grow strong and courageous if you start paying attention to it. I promise.
For me the process goes like this:
1. I have a question, a query, a thought, a choice, a decision that requires an answer. I gently lean into my heart and without words propose the situation to my intuition, that strong feeling that guides me. I may not get an answer straight away but most often I do.
2. Intuition is the FEELING that occurs just before words enter my mind. And that feeling will be leaning in a particular direction which pilots me to know what the intention of my intuit is. I always go with the better feeling.
3. If I ask a question and the response is a heavy, unsettled or not-good-feeling in whatever way, I know the answer is NO, or NOT RIGHT NOW, or NOT YET. If the feeling is joyful, light, delighted, kind or good in any other way possible then I know the answer is YES, GO FOR IT, THIS IS FOR YOU.
Sometimes the answer doesn’t come. This may be for two reasons:
1. Your mind is determined to go in a particular direction and is wanting to drown out your intuition because it wants what it wants. The mind does this sometimes and the best thing to do is allow the moment to pass and try again another time. At some point allow you mind to release it’s attachment to the outcome and then know that the answer of your intuition will be pure and unaltered.
2. Your intuition hasn’t got all the information to give you an answer. This is definitely a time to wait for the answer. It means that something is probably changing in the ether and any decision right now would be idle. Wait. Time has the magical properties of making things turn out without you having to do anything.
Nothing is so imperative that you cannot ask your intuition and wait for the answer first. Be patient, be gentle and still and the right answer will occur to you at just the right time, every, single time.
How do you listen, hear and act upon you intuition? Please share your thoughts. Either in the comments below, on Facebook or twitter. Let’s turn this into a community discussion!
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